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Cottonwood roots

We recently cut down a cottonwood that was pushing up our side walks. Well that didn't help a bit. Now all we have is a bunch of saplings growing up from the roots. We have tried poison with no luck. We have to stop these roots and saplings before they get to the foundation of our house. Any ideas are welcome and needed.


McDowell County NC over 3 years ago

Horse hay

Is brome a good hay to feed mini horses three years old?


McDowell County NC 5 months ago

What is it

What is it? It has a mint smell and a soft texture.



McDowell County NC over 4 years ago

Rose Creek Abelia not blooming

I've had Rose Creek Abelia bushes for 3 years and they've done beautifully so far until this summer. They look very healthy but have no blooms. I have not pruned or fertilized them at all. They are on a hill, so the soil is well drained, and they get about a half day of sun. What could be reasons for not blooming?


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McDowell County NC over 6 years ago

How to create/sustain a meadow

We live in Little Switzerland, elevation 3,500. Our "front yard" is a large sloped expanse that the previous owners always mowed.That seemed a waste to me, as I want to encourage a more natural ecosystem with natives and pollintors. This past spring/summer, we stopped mowing to encourage grasses and wildflowers to grow, which they did. This area is too large for us to "start from scratch." So how do we go about encouraging natives and getting rid of invasives? From the photo you can see we have had a series of wildflowers from spring to fall, so I think it has been successful. But also we're seeing lots of sassafras popping up, and other Shrubs. I need guidance on how to manage this. Do we dig up the sassafras? What other plants do we want to encourage or discourage?. Should I spend the money on wildflower seed to spread this fall? When should we mow the meadow this fall? I have a million questions. Can an extension agent come look at the meadow and give us some advice? Looking forward to any help I can get! Thanks!



McDowell County NC 5 months ago

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