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Flower bulbs

Hi I have bbeen very disappointed by buying flower bulbs online. Where can I order good summer bulbs online I thought some time ago you had a aource for reliable seller? THanks, I need more color.


Johnston County North Carolina 6 months ago

Trial I code and dogs.

Hi we used TRIAZICIDE on our lawn. Hundreds of dying grubs have surfaced. We are picking them up and burning them in our fire pit. We have three Cairn terrier who dig and eats grubs ( and moles, snakes, etc) Will these dead grubs harm them if they ingest them? Thank you


Johnston County North Carolina 4 months ago

Can anyone tell whats happening to my elephant palm?

This plant has been an indoor plant and was doing well until recently. I'm concerned that a bad ventillation system (with suspected mildew) is to blame?



Johnston County North Carolina over 3 years ago

Stretched succulent?

I bought this plant as is. I was wondering the species, and whether it is healthy or stretched. It appears to be stretched, but im not sure if this is due to the species or not. Thank you!



Johnston County North Carolina over 4 years ago

What is killing my Cherry Plum?

First, I'm assuming I have a Cherry Plum Tree, let's assume I identified it correctly? But in the last 3 weeks, I've noticed lots of leaves falling off and it's not fall yet. When I was mowing, I stopped under the tree and I saw many of the leaves appear "eaten"? I've spent several days trying to catch something. I've gone out in the early AM, Mid day, late day, dusk... I can't see anything. I don't know how to treat it and stop it.


Cherryplum1_300x300%2523 Cherryplum2_300x300%2523 Cherryplum3_300x300%2523

Johnston County North Carolina 6 months ago

All my bushes are covered in webbing?

Every bush I have is covered in webs, some almost 75% covered in my landscaping. I don't know if this is something I need to treat for? or is this spiders and I should just leave it. If it's something other than spiders, I need to know how to treat it safely, please?


Web3_300x300%2523 Webs2_300x300%2523 Webs1_300x300%2523

Johnston County North Carolina 6 months ago

White crud attacking my gardenia

Please see attached photo. Can you identify this pest and how I can treat it? I have tried Seven spray, Neem oil, Immunox and Bayer pesticide. Nothing has worked!



Johnston County North Carolina over 1 year ago

Identify plant

Can not identify this plant



Johnston County North Carolina almost 5 years ago

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