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Can anyone tell whats happening to my elephant palm?

This plant has been an indoor plant and was doing well until recently. I'm concerned that a bad ventillation system (with suspected mildew) is to blame?



Johnston County NC horticulture houseplants over 2 years ago

Stretched succulent?

I bought this plant as is. I was wondering the species, and whether it is healthy or stretched. It appears to be stretched, but im not sure if this is due to the species or not. Thank you!



Johnston County NC horticulture succulents over 3 years ago

White crud attacking my gardenia

Please see attached photo. Can you identify this pest and how I can treat it? I have tried Seven spray, Neem oil, Immunox and Bayer pesticide. Nothing has worked!



Johnston County NC 5 months ago

Identify plant

Can not identify this plant



Johnston County NC plant identification lambsquarters horticulture pigweed over 3 years ago

Balls that fall from oak trees

What are the balls that fall from oak trees this time of year? They almost look like little June apples or small tennis balls.


Johnston County NC trees and shrubs 9 months ago

Capsicum annum poblano pepper

Researching for tags for a plant sale - can't find much, zone 8

thank you!


Johnston County NC horticulture vegetables about 3 years ago

Cedar tree is turning brown.

My cedar tree has started dying and it’s taking out the whole tree. I can send pics too.


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Johnston County NC horticulture trees and shrubs 6 months ago


I have these plants that I bought already started: -2 types of tomatoes (2 plants) -red & green bell peppers (1 of each) -ghost peppers (1 plant) -yellow squash (2 plants) -watermelon (1-6 pack container) -cantaloupe (1- 6 pack container) -cucumber (1 plant) -okra (1 plant) I was wondering about how much space (like a 30ftx30ft square for example) I would need to plant all of this and if all of these plants can be planted together?


Johnston County NC gardening horticulture over 1 year ago

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