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Purple flower in flower bed

This doesn't appear to be a wildflower. It's in a planted bed on a property that's for sale



Jackson County NC horticulture flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials aster over 3 years ago

Help identify our snake

We live in Western NC (elevation 3800 ft, wooded area) and have a large snake living in the rock wall just outside our front door. He likes to sit in the sun in the driveway during the middle of the day, but occasionally leaves our yard and heads into the woods only to return to the rock wall later in the day. We have been very respectful of each other. He holds very still if we come close, and then pulls himself back into the rocks as soon as we walk by. Could you identify him please and let us know if he is venomous. If so, does he need to be re-homed?


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Jackson County NC northern watersnake x midland watersnake nerodia sipedon sipedon x nerodia sipedon pleuralis snakes of north carolina 4 months ago

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