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What kind of plant is this?

I have a plant growing from my pot outside. It is about 10 inches in height and wide leaves (about 2 inches across and 3-4 inches in length). The stem is fuzzy hand has visible little hairs on it. It looks similar to basil but I'm not quite sure, because I haven't found a complete match in appearance.


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Hoke County NC over 4 years ago

Is this a apple tree plant?

I grew apple tree seed and this is what I got. I'm not sure if this is a apple tree seedling or not. Please help.


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Hoke County NC over 4 years ago

Looking for a Professional Forestry Consultant

I would like to find an free/inexpensive but extremely qualified Professional Forestry Consultant for land in Raeford, NC. What are some of the things I should look for in a consultant? I would like to have the trees and weed cut on my land. Do you have a list of things I should know and ask for when selling timber and getting a consultant?


Hoke County NC 5 months ago

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