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Is this poison ivy?

I found this growing underneath my camper and I cannot tell if this is poison ivy or not



Henderson County NC horticulture plant identification about 3 years ago

Please help identity

Hi. I've had these little pests in my home around the kitchen and in my master bathroom for a few months. They are a bit larger than an average-sized gnat. I've tried many different things to rid the rooms of these pests but have, thus far, been unsuccessful. Can you identify it for me? Thanks!!!


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Henderson County NC kentucky cooperative extension entomology 3 months ago

lambs ear?

I have a plant that looks like lambs ear except it grows tall and has red flowers. What is it?


Henderson County NC plant identification horticulture over 2 years ago

Plant ID

Can you tell me what plant this is? It is vining all over an evergreen shrub.


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Henderson County NC plant identification over 3 years ago

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