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Looks like rattlesnake master?

What is it?



Harnett County North Carolina almost 4 years ago

growing neem trees near bee hives

is this safe?


Harnett County North Carolina over 2 years ago

What do I cut out in old blueberry bushes

My BB bushes are 30 years old. I cut them all low about 8 years ago. They bear lots of small berries. I have about 20 different big branches out of ground which have about 4 or more bright green shoots on each one of the ones out of the ground ground. I am not sure how much to cut because they are so healthy looking with those big bright green shoots.


Harnett County North Carolina over 4 years ago

What kind of spider is this???

This first picture is of it sitting in the middle of its Web. The second is after I sprayed it so it was crawling up. I only ask because I have a 2year old and she plays outside and I'd hate for something to bite her. It's body was about an inch to an inch and a half with it crawling it was about half the size of my palm. It's legs had kind of a reddish/orange tint. If someone could help me that would be awesome. Thank you so much in advanced.


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Harnett County North Carolina over 3 years ago

Elderberry bush has spotted leaves

My young elderberry bushes have developed spots on their leaves and slowed growth. Is there anything I can do to save them?



Harnett County North Carolina over 2 years ago

Corn Plant yellow/brown spots...

Hello i'm in search of possible reasons why my household corn plant is yellowing and browning on the leaves.

Thanks in Advance,



Harnett County North Carolina over 3 years ago

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