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I want to know the best way to keep weeds out of my vegetable garden


Halifax County North Carolina over 6 years ago

What is this bug that is devouring my clematis?

I don't know what this bug is (photo attached), but I have many of them devouring my clematis. What is the bug, and how do I control it?



Halifax County North Carolina over 6 years ago

Food processing with cheesecloth

Hello, this is my first time trying to make crab apple jelly and everything was going pretty good until I realized that I should have washed my cheesecloth before using it. My question is: Is the juice ruined? Is there something in new cheesecloth that is not food safe? Thank you.


Halifax County North Carolina 5 months ago

Managing fescue fields for fall after flood

I have 6 acres of mature fescue that was last fertilized 9/1/2016 with 40- 50 lbs N/ac. The stands were pretty good at 10-12” high with minimal broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. The fields were recently flooded for 3-4 days by Fishing Creek and the grass is now laying over with a fine dirt silt covering.

The ground will be dry enough to tractor over in a few more days. Should I mow the fields when dry enough, and if so to what height?

Will it continue growing through the fall after the mowing - maybe not enough to hay but to graze horses?

(Halifax county; not Yancey)


Halifax County North Carolina over 4 years ago

What is eating my Japanese maple?

A young Japanese maple in the front yard was apparently eaten by something (the new growth is pretty much gone). How can I prevent this, and what did it?



Halifax County North Carolina over 6 years ago

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