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Tree Identification

Hello, Can you tell me the name of the tree this nut came from. The pod has 3 chambers with 2 nuts in each one. I have attached a photo of the nut and the tree.

Whatisthis_300x300%2523 Treepic1_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina 6 months ago

Is it too late to plant 4" perennials in Greensboro?

Hey there!

I received a dozen or so 4" perennials about a month ago. They weren't in the best condition, so I delayed setting them out and nursed them under grow lights. Now they look healthy, and some are even putting on blooms. However, now I'm second-guessing my decision because now I'm afraid it might be too late to set them out in the garden.

So shall I set them out, or try to over-winter them under the lights in the basement?

All are in 4" pots and include coneflower, foxglove, betony (stachys offininalis, not the Florida variety), garden phlox, coreopsis, butterfly weed, Nepeta, bee balm, butterfly weed, ornamental onion, & yarrow.

I've been gardening for only 1 full year, so I'm a newbie.

Thanks so much!


Guilford County North Carolina 4 months ago

Flower Identification

Can you please identify this plant/flower. Thank you.



Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago

Numerous holes being created in my yard

For the past 4-5 years I have noticed during this time of the year holes that look like either something is erupting from my yard or as if some animal with a narrow snout is creating these holes but most of about the same diameter though some are larger. I can not figure out what it is and the folks from New Garden Select do not have an answer either. I have included a number of photo that I took this morning and was hoping you could provide an answer and solution to this issue as the yard with new seed growing is not doing well.


Img_8329_300x300%2523 Img_8328_300x300%2523 Img_8326_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago


I had my lawn aerated/fertilized/seeded in late September and the grass seed has come up well. But in the meantime 3 of my neighbors huge oaks trees have thrown off prodigious amounts of acorns that make walking in parts of the lawn treacherous. If I try to rake them up or vacuum them somehow I'm sure I'll pull up a lot of the new grass. Should I just leave them in the lawn?


Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago

Fall Blooming Deer Resistant Plants

Hi, I'm Jim and I work on our community Landscape Committee. We have some very nice blooming flowers at our entrances. Specifically we have Day Lilies and some lantana, and others. But we also have a deer problem. At this time of year we also plant pansies which are most of what we see blooming in the fall. Unfortunately, the deer hit those too. So I'm asking if you may have any recommendations for blooming plants in the spring/summer and also fall that may be deer resistant. If possible to be less that 4 feet tall so it will not block our community sign. I do realize that being deer resistant does not mean deer proof. Also if we may have more success with what we are already planting but use a type of spray or other product to try and preclude the deer eating the flowers, I would welcome that advice too.


Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago

Non flowering hydrangeas

Between 3 & 4 years ago I planted 3 hydrangea plants 1 was endless summer the others, other than blue varieties I don't know what variety. since then the plants have done well with one exception, they don't flower. All were flowering when we got them. They are near dormancy at this time, but as you can see they are reasonably healthy. Sun is not an issue for they are in at least 6-8 hours of sun during August. watering during the blooming season was not a problem either. Any ideas to promote flowering would be appreciated


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Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago

Black Spots on Maple Trees

Hi, we put in 4 Maple Trees (I believe they are Autumn Blaze Maples) late last fall. They did well through the winter and Spring. In late spring we had a bout with June Bugs/Japanese Beetles. We put out some beetle bags for a while and captured quite a number of beetles and they seemed to go away with no further damage to the leaves or trees. Throughout the summer I noticed a few leaves being eaten but not a lot of them and the leaves were not completely eaten, they were mainly towards the tops of the trees. It did not seem to be a major issue. However, last week I noticed on almost all the leaves of all 4 trees these black spots. I have attached 3 photos showing you what I'm seeing. Is there anything I need to do to address these spots or the health of the trees? Or since we're close to the leaves turning color and dropping is it only a cosmetic type of issue? I appreciate any advice you may have. Thank you


Img_0331_300x300%2523 Img_0332_300x300%2523 Img_0333_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina 5 months ago

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