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Can someone i d this snake?

Found this tiny guy in my backyard. He was bright red. I picked him up and he changed color to dark brown. When I released him , he turned red again.



Guilford County North Carolina possible brown snake storeria dekayi 8 months ago

Health of forest


I recently purchased a 3-acre property in Summerfield. I would like to arrange for a visit and review by a Forestry Ranger so as to assess the health of the trees and perhaps discuss alternative plantings (such as apple or pear trees) that I could plant in the future.

The property is sloped and I've noted several trees with what seems to be rot at the base.

thank you

tony Saiz
summerfield, NC

Thanks for your help,


Guilford County North Carolina trees and shrubs horticulture forest health 9 months ago

feeding you plants

All my plants have started producing. I currently am using a seaweed and fish fertilizer plus compost tea.
I concerned I'm not giving them enough nutrition. Any suggestions on how I can make improvements .
Joe Losito


Guilford County North Carolina almost 2 years ago

Arbor Vitae damage from inexperienced Landscape Company

what measures may I take to correct drastic removal of bottom growth of all shrubbery, flowering and evergreen, along church walkway. Visible soil partial clay and compacted. Decades old, established garden. Some signs of dying already.


Guilford County North Carolina over 2 years ago

What is this and are they harmful to dogs?

These things have taken over my front and back porch. Today is the first time I have seen them on the porch and I've been in this house for 2 years. Earlier today my dog had welps on her back and I've never seen her like that. I don't know if it is a coincidence or what. My main concern is for our and our pets safety and health. Someone please help. There's only one in the pic because I was to scared to get the group so I singled one out. Lol


Dsc_0222_300x300%2523 _20170510_212805_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina insect identification springtails almost 3 years ago

Taking posttest

I recently viewed Promoting Positive Relationships Webinar and I completed the evaluation. I am unable to take the posttest and receive my CEU credit. When I click on the link it says, "You have taken this survey". It does not send me to the posttest.


Guilford County North Carolina over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

This is behind our house.


Img_20160917_165257_300x300%2523 Img_20160917_165315_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Male writing spider versus female in appearance?

Does a male writing spider look very different from a female?
I live in Greensboro, NC, and have two writing spiders that I think are female. They seem to have egg sacs in the center of their webs. Will the females make it through our winter and (two-part question) when will the hatchlings appear?
How can I protect the egg sacs?[


Writing_spider_one_300x300%2523 Writing_spider_two_300x300%2523 Writing_spider_one_2_300x300%2523

Guilford County North Carolina wildlife over 3 years ago

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