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What plant is this?

Big narrow cut up looking leaves and grows in bunches very curious to what it is and if its poisonous



Granville County North Carolina almost 5 years ago

How can I get rid of periwinkle in my lawn?

What type of herbicide can I use to kill periwinkle? It has taken over a large part of my lawn, and digging it out is impossible to do it myself.


Granville County North Carolina over 5 years ago

Burweed control in lawn

We have had burweed for several years in our backyard where the 'grass' is not really a lawn - the dogs have their way with it. This spring & summer we noticed the dogs had picked up burweed spikes in their paws. We want to control this burweed with pre and / or post emergent chemical control. What would you recommend applying and specifically when. Thanks.


Granville County North Carolina 6 months ago

Marek's Disease

History:I purchased some chickens from a breeder in November (no other chickens are on my property). Some 3 month old Ayam Cemanis, and some week old d'uccle and some mixes. The cemanis went straight to the coop and the others came into the brooder in the house. At about 5 weeks two d'uccles died, I thought they were getting trampled by the fast growing mixes, so the mixes went outside. All the duccles began showing neurologic signs and then 3 recovered, when old enough they went outside as well. I started losing a bird every 2 to 4 weeks. I would sometimes see neurologic symptoms sometimes I would just have a dead bird in the morning, no symptoms.
I had a necropsy done and this is the neurologic form of Marek's.
My (and the breeder's) questions:
1. (Most importantly) How can I bring new birds onto my property? Disinfectant to decrease the virus load? (I plan to burn the ground, and disinfect the coop with a disinfectant that is known to be effective against herpes virus, other suggestions?)
2. Is it worth only bringing on vaccinated birds?
3. As a breeder is it worth vaccinating all birds, or just chicks leaving the property? Which is the best vaccine to use? Are we creating resistant strains of the virus by vaccinating? Are birds being bred without a natural "immunity" to it if they are all vaccinated?
4. What is the mortality rate when a flock is exposed? I have 3 out of 16 birds left, the breeder has only lost cemanis (which she has since found out are prone to succumbing to the virus). None of her other breeds have been affected.
5. Why were some birds lost so young to the disease, prior to the typical 4 to 6 months?
6. Are all the strains of the virus everywhere?
7. Is it safe to assume all my birds were lost to the same strain?
8. I have heard this is a chicken disease, with some quail and turkey possibly affected. Is it safe to bring ducks and guineas onto the property.
9.Should I cull the 3 remaining birds I have?
Thank you!


Granville County North Carolina almost 3 years ago

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