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What’s this?

Weird orange deposit. Many different areas in house but this it worst. Ceilings, walls, mini blinds. Washes off pretty easily.



Franklin County North Carolina horticulture over 1 year ago

Is this mold?

We have this orange stuff all over the house. The shower curtain pictured is worst. But it’s also on walls, ceiling, everywhere. It wipes off easily but does leave a slight stain on white walls. It’s only on the top of the shower curtain rod. The underside is completely clean. What is it????



Franklin County North Carolina household mold over 1 year ago

Grass or weed??

Our lawn is well-established zoysia about 4 years old. This year we are getting large areas of a grass/weed that are overtaking the zoysia. The intruder grows very similarly to the desired zoysia but has finer blades.
What is the weed (or is it really a favorable grass)?
If it is a weed is there any way to eradicate it?
Is it annual or perennial?

I've included pictures of the zoysia and the intruder grass.




Weed_grass_c_300x300%2523 Zgrass-c_300x300%2523

Franklin County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture about 4 years ago

Growing hops in North Carolina

Can hops be grown in North Carolina?
What are growing techniques? (esp. hot weather and clay)
Where are vines available?


Franklin County North Carolina hops hops production over 5 years ago

pecan trees

Is Lawn Fertilizer Bad for Fruit Trees?


Franklin County North Carolina about 2 years ago

2015 Horse Show

Can you point me to the sign up sheet for the 2015 NE DIstrict 4-H Horse show that will be held May 2-3?


Franklin County North Carolina over 4 years ago

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