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Coral maple

I have a coral maple tree, about 3 weeks ago the leaves on one side started turning brown then the hole tree turned brown and lost all its leaves. I have read that it will regrow it’s leaves, in the fall I’ll need to spray it with a fungus spray after the new leaves fall off and then in the spring before new leaves grow. The tree is 1 year old. Is this true or have I lost the tree?


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Forsyth County NC trees and shrubs maple trees horticulture 6 months ago

liriope spicata and knockout roses

Will liriope spicata choke out my knockout roses? If so, how can I remove it without damaging the rose bush?


Forsyth County NC 9 months ago


Do snakes musk more (to attract or mark) when same species males & females are housed near enough to smell each other's presence?


Forsyth County NC snake behavior snake courtship behavior 9 months ago

Large Spider

I found this spider this morning, he’s comparably larger than the other house spiders around here. What is it, and is it posinous?



Forsyth County NC agelenopsis sp grass spider about 1 year ago

Bradford Pear

My BP tree is turning red leaves in the spring, some of the leaves turned a little green in April, but in June the leaves are all red and the tips of some of the branches and black and shriveled up. There is also black spots all over the leaves. What could this be? Is it dying?


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Forsyth County NC trees and shrubs over 1 year ago

Save Mud Dauber nest

Hey, I've a large mud dauber nest about the size of my hand. I need to move it to another location. I've never seen a nest of this species. Is there a good way to move the nest without destroying it and the developing mud daubers. The female just finished the nest so I thought I'd give the bugs time to develop but not sure how to move it. thanks.


Forsyth County NC entomology over 2 years ago

No leaves

We live outside Winston Salem, NC and have a good growing season. We are starting a small orchard and bought two pear trees, one Barlett and one Moonglow. The Moonglow has been planted two months but has no leaves at all as of May 13, 2017. The other pear tree has beautiful leaves. When I break off a twig the inside is green but the outside bark is light brown. Why would the tree have no leaves at this date? Thank so much for your help.
Fred Moretz(


Forsyth County NC horticulture pear trees over 2 years ago


I have three autumn twist azaleas planted side by side. The leaves on the problem plants on both sides of the middle plant have turn brown and curled. One has all brown and curled leaves, but the other has both brown curled as well as all green leaves. I scratched the stems a little, and they are still very green. But the middle plants leaves are still full green and robust. Have included pictures of the three in planting order. The one in the middle appears to be more green than the ones on each opposite end.


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Forsyth County NC trees and shrubs horticulture azaleas almost 3 years ago

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