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Dying indoor Hostas?

Hello, I think my hostas are dying and I am not sure why. I have them watered with a terracotta spike so they do not dry out. They have been doing fine for about a year and now they seem to be shriveling up. Please advise. Thank you!


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Durham County North Carolina houseplants hostas horticulture almost 3 years ago

Saving seeds

Can I keep seeds in the freezer to save them for next year or is the refrigerator a better choice?


Durham County North Carolina seed saving over 1 year ago

Downed pine tree

I live in Durham County and have a field in the front of my house with trees. Saturday, a week ago, someone cut down a really nice, straight, pine tree and left it. I have asked neighbors about it, but no one owns up to cutting it. What can I do with this tree to keep whomever from using it for whatever they initially thought they would cut it down for? It's upsetting that it was cut down, but now I want someone that I choose to be able to use it! Can you help or give suggestions?


Durham County North Carolina trees and shrubs about 4 years ago


It'seems very small the size of a ant. It can hop/fly! WHAT IS IT?


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Durham County North Carolina insect identification almost 4 years ago

Crape Mytle Emergency

I had a crape myrtle I raised from a tiny plant to an over 6'tree. I foolishly gave it to my niece to plant

in her yard. I told her to plant it just before frost or leave it alone until spring. She pruned it to about

3feet and brought it in the house where I found it on Thanksgiving. It has a few tiny green leaves on

one branch. The others are leafless but appear to still be green. My question is should the tree be

put out in the yard now in the cold weather or stay inside until spring with water and light from the

window. This was quite a beautiful watermelon red tree. I very much want to know what is the

right thing to do. Thank you.


Durham County North Carolina crape myrtles over 5 years ago


Do daylily leaves naturally turn brown and need to be removed or does that mean the plant has a fungus?


Durham County North Carolina daylilies horticulture 10 months ago

Pink Dogwood dying

My pink dogwood in Durham, NC was planted last fall (2015). It was doing well until this summer. The leaves are turning from green to orange, have spots and are starting to fall off, yet there's some new growth at the borttom. Is this a fungus? Is it beyond hope? I've attached three pictures. Can I save it? Thanks for any suggestions.


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Durham County North Carolina horticulture trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Yellow leafs turned to brown on my blackberry bush.

Yellow leafs turned to brown after purchasing my blackberry bush from Lowes a month ago in a pot. I have gotten over thirty berries off of the bush so far. I left it in the pot that I purchased it in until I could get a big pot. I watered it every other day. The water sat at the bottom of the saucer. I fertilized it a couple of times. I found some black bugs on some of the fruit and picked them off. I have not seen any more but the canes are turning brown and the leaves are totally dead except for a small few. I do not know what happened. I have the limp canes on a trellis.


Durham County North Carolina blackberries 10 months ago

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