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Turquoise. Spider

Would Luke to know where kind of spider this. Is found it hanging from a friends. Porch in northern California. Only forty. Miles from oregon


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Del Norte County California over 3 years ago

Beetles in my watermelon greenhouse!!

Can you identify these beetles? OR Bugs? they are in my Watermelon greenhouse. I’ve never seen them before, I’ve grown a garden on this property for 12 years. This greenhouse used to house chickens. I grew the plants from seeds so no hitch hickers. Any idea what they are and the biggest question, will they do damage to my heirloom melons?



Del Norte County California 4 months ago

Rust on Poplar Hybrid and black willow young trees

I haven't had this problem before when I planted in the Sierra foothills (too dry?) But now I live on the North Coast. I have continued my practice of getting wood chips from tree trimmers for mulch (I'm afraid the fungus arrived with them, last year) I planted Hybrid Poplars (Populus deltoides x Populus Nigra) and Hybrid Willows (Salix hybrid) Mail order bare root. They have been growing quickly and have been very healthy, until today, I noticed rust on the underside of some poplars, and I felt sick! I have worked as a forester (in the Yosemite Region) and have a degree in forestry so I do know some but don’t know much about the Coastal region growing) I have put a year’s worth of work into developing this space (Approximately 5,000 sq. ft). I found your site and decided to reach out to ask you what to do. I do know to take the infected leaves, live and dead, and dispose of them, but what about the fungus in the wood chips? There has been dog vomit slime molds and various mushrooms in the chips during the last year. The trees are spaced about 12’ from each other.


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Del Norte County California about 1 year ago

e coli in well after testing and impact on garden and soil

We just had our well tested. It showed a presence of e coli and coriform. We have installed a UV filter with additional filters for solid substances and charcoal. My questions are the following:
1.)Should I clear out and throw away my garden bed vegetables because of contamination.... this is heartbreaking as my garden is amazing?
2.) How do I test my garden bed soil for e coli?
3.) How do I get rid of the e-coli in my garden beds and soil if it present?
Many thanks for expert help!


Del Norte County California about 1 year ago

Purple Plum Tree leaf disease


A couple of month ago I noticed that my backyard flowering purple plum tree was dropping leaves. I took a closer look and found the remaining leaves to be a bit dry feeling and starting to curl slightly. The backs of the leaves are all covered with tiny yellowish-tan spots. The 2 plum trees in the front yard were unaffected at the time, now 2 months later the other trees are having the same problem. Any idea what this is (photo attached)? Trees are about 4-5 years old. I live on the coast of Northern California about 20 minutes from Oregon border.


Plumleaf_300x300%2523 Plum_300x300%2523 Plum2_300x300%2523

Del Norte County California about 1 month ago

Peach tree curly leaf

Is there an organic fungicide we can use to spray our peach tree for curly leaf?


Del Norte County California over 3 years ago

What type of mite/ bug are these

these are very tiny about the size of a grain of salt. They look like a spec of dirt and the 2 img are of a lint/fabric/hair type ball but its apparent that it has pincers and long appendages and possibly a stinger much like a pseudoscorpian. They latch on to objects with the hair like pincer and it looks like a tiny ball of fabric or hair/lint that has 1 long hair holding it to the object. Basically a ball at the end of hair They do sting/bite and sometimes you can actually feel them almost as of they have some type of energy within them. If you put one on the tip of your finger it feels like a tiny faint buzz. I see people asking questions about these same things and no body has images of close up microscope view. This is what those people are experiencing but do not have equipment to view them up close and cannot ask or show visible proof online.


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Del Norte County California 8 months ago

Tomato, Eggplant, Pepper, funky leaf curl cry for help

What is going on here and how can I prevent it from happening again/ deal with it/ still get tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers grown for us and our Brookings, OR and Crescent City CA communities??? Lower leaves are not effected, upper leaves, and all new growth. it happened all at once and effected all varieties, we are using the same soil mix recipe we have for years, pesticide drift really isn't a possibility,.... it's not looking good folks, not good for the nightshades at least. It's not effecting any other of our plants, lettuces, brassicas, corn, cukes, strawbs, etc all doing great. (Cosmo flowers are showing leaf curl signs)


Eggplant_300x300%2523 Pepper_300x300%2523 Tomato_300x300%2523

Del Norte County California over 4 years ago

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