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Canning 4 oz Jars

I want to can caramelized onions in 4 oz jars (just for me, my husband doesn't like them); however, they have to be pressure canned. What is the minimum number of 4 oz. jars you can use in a pressure canner? If you are canning a smaller number, can you use empty or water filled jars to balance out the canner?


Davidson County NC 3 months ago

Freshwater Shrimp

I am trying to find some basic information on raising freshwater shrimp at home, not for commercial production. My wife and I have an aquaponic set up and have successfully have been raising tilapia in our system. We are currently growing a variety of lettuces and similar plants and are increasing our beds for next year. (We don't want to rush and need to improve and enlarge our greenhouse for another tank.) We were considering catfish until I came across an article about freshwater prawns (macrobrachium rosenbergil) but have not had any luck finding information on small scale for personal consumption setups. A lot of the articles I have seen touch on being able to grow freshwater prawns and shrimp on a small scale but don't expand. Can you help? Specifically if it is possible for a small scale backyard situation and if so any additional needs in the tank design and such as well as the prawn to gallon or sq ft ratio.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Amy Miller


Davidson County NC almost 4 years ago

Identify bush in my yard

Hello! I was wondering if you can identify this bush (sort of a bush) growing under my cypress tree. At first I was afraid it was poison sumac, but I don't think that now. The flowers sort of look like honeysuckle, but this isn't a vine. I appreciate your help :-) Donna


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Davidson County NC over 2 years ago

Can you ID this pear type?

It was here when I moved in. Drops fruit in fall. So not sure what type. This year fruit is prolific so I am hopeful


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Davidson County NC over 1 year ago

I keep finding these in my house

Can you please tell me what kind of spider this is?
I thought I knew but my friend is telling me it's not what I think it is.



Davidson County NC over 3 years ago

Sick Guinea Hen

The other day I noticed one my young guinea hens had puffy eyelids and wasn't as active as the rest of the flock. She was hatched this year and usually very active running all around the place but now she just sits on the fence all day. I haven't seen her drink anything and she hardly eats. I don't know what's wrong with her and I don't know how to help her. She keeps her neck close to her body with her feathers fluffed up. What should I do to help her?


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Davidson County NC about 3 years ago

blooming pear trees

How do you control seedlings and sprouts coming up


Davidson County NC over 6 years ago

I have two bradford pear trees they have small holes like the ones I saw in...

I have two bradford pear trees they have small holes like the ones I saw in the picture some leaves are turing black not many Lexington farm and garden recommended something I could spray in the holes I DID that I am not sure if it help any advise you could give would be helpful I hope that I will not have to cut them down jerry white 336-752-2484


Davidson County NC over 3 years ago

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