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chicken mite infestation that spread to home by the cat

What can we treat the chicken coop and chickens with? What can we treat inside our home and our clothing and beds for the same mites that are biting the humans?

Dare County North Carolina almost 7 years ago

Grocry store taxes

How is and what determines the food tax on my grocery bill statement? It is a perplexing issue! Has anyone ever wondered WHY we have to pay any tax on FOOD? (I do not consider pop and potato chips a food item.) 6.75% NC Sales Tax 1% NC Sales Tax 2% NC Sales tax All these taxes were listed and paid on a recent grocery store statement.


Dare County North Carolina almost 3 years ago

We have a couple of plants in our tomato garden that have yellow leaves with...

We have a couple of plants in our tomato garden that have yellow leaves with tiny grey and black spots. some of the stems have dark places where it intersects with the leaves. These plants already have fruit about 2 inches in diameter that are not ripe, but look fine so far. There is no sign of insects on the foliage. Could overwatering be the problem? Our other tomato plants look fine. Should we remove the infected plants or use some kind of chemical?


Dare County North Carolina almost 7 years ago

Bees in the Bush

Greetings, My small house & property in KIll Devil Hills has a bee nest in the largest of 3 Russian olive bushes on the SW corner of my small lot which I discovered when cutting back a shoot these dang invasive species are prone to producing and was stung. My right hand was painful and very swollen for about a week before some healing relief. The interior of the bush contains a birds nest which might be where they live. I don’t want to kill them but want them to relocate, so if you can offer some advice on how I can prune this bush back I would greatly appreciate it. I have done a spring pruning for the last few years without incident. The bee that appeared out of the West at high speed stung me, and looked black, but yesterday I very carefully trimmed several shoots without disturbing them and saw one classic black and yellow furry bee. The bushes should be trimmed again as the biggest one keeps expanding. The Russian olive flowers in the spring. Thank you, Kathy



Dare County North Carolina 6 months ago

Old Bull Pine tree

Greetings, I have a very large old pine about 15 feet from the NE corner of my small one story house in Kill Devil Hills. About six years ago I had a professional prune a huge branch that was growing high over the roof. It seems healthy except for some branches that appear to have Irregular bark on the undersides. The base of the trunk is almost 120” around and the ground surrounding it is higher, sort of rising around. About 15-20 feet up it splits into two large trunks towering over every other tree in the area. It appears to be healthy however I feel like two branches have browning needles so I wonder if more pruning would be okay. How long is the usual life span of the pine? There are other pines in the area and I am a fan of a TED Talk called ‘How Trees Talk to Each Other’ so if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, and also would appreciate your opinion of my old pine as it pertains to pruning. Without surveying my property line, I believe half this tree is my neighbors. He isn’t very particular about his landscaping, but I intend to share what I learn with him. Thank you, Kathy Jorgensen 1723 Apache St Kill Devil Hills NC. 27948 336-512-0097


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Dare County North Carolina 5 months ago

disease of evergreens

Could you please help me identify the problem with my big giant spruces and how to treat them. See photos. The disease seems to be spreading. There are no bag worms on the effected limbs. I am cutting out all of the diseased limbs. The trees are 7 years old and receive water from our well irrigation system.


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Dare County North Carolina over 3 years ago


Just wanted to see what plant this is. Only the single specimen found growing in the sand by a driveway on Hatteras Island in North Carolina, just north of Rodanthe.


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Dare County North Carolina over 4 years ago

storm damamge to ornamentals

my roses and perennials were very affected by the recent storm - I live within yards of the ocean. I have hosed all of them down to wash off salt but that is a small measure. do you recommend cutting any of these back at this time or would it stress them out more? most of the perennials are just stems - no leaves. the roses have salt burned leaves.


Dare County North Carolina over 4 years ago

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