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when to prune Oleanders

I live in Grandy (Currituck Co) & have read that I'm supposed to prune my Oleanders between now & October. Other sites say Feb-March when the plant is dormant. Would you please advise me the correct time frame? Thank you!


Currituck County North Carolina over 6 years ago

Tiny black specks

why are tiny black speaks everywhere in my home


Currituck County North Carolina about 1 month ago

Indian Hawthorn bush

I have seven Indian Hawthorn bushes across the front of my house that are infected with leaf spot and they have lost almost all of their leaves. These bushes were planted in the year 2000. My question is should I severely prune them, spray with something or just pull them up, clean up and start over? Thanks so much Kevin , Coinjock NC


Currituck County North Carolina over 5 years ago

What kind of snake is this?

Can you tell me what type of snake this us, it's the 2nd one we've found in our yard



Currituck County North Carolina over 2 years ago

What's wrong with my tree?

We have a young Autumn Blaze Maple that was planted by our builder in the summer of 2016. Both that year, and this past year, the leaves have gotten spots and turned brown. The leaves then dry up and fall off long before they should (beginning at the bottom branches). We thought at first that it was a watering issue, but now I'm not so sure. Are these tar spots? How do I treat the tree? I would really hate to lose the tree. I know it is not in great soil (very sandy clay). Last year, we dug around the root ball and added garden soil designed for trees and shrubs. We also discovered that the people who planted the trees left huge pockets of air around the root ball. We filled those in with the garden soil. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. The included photos were taken June 27, 2017. Thank you for your time, Christine Dorow


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Currituck County North Carolina almost 3 years ago

Backyard Orchard Culture

Is there anyone who works with backyard orchard culture or do you ever offer any classes on it?


Currituck County North Carolina almost 7 years ago

Wax Myrtles Seedlings

Good Morning, I live in Grandy & I am interested in obtaining wax myrtle seedlings similar to some I received a few years back at one of the Arbor Day giveaways. Do you have any available to the public? If so where can I pick them up & what is the charge? Kind Regards, Anthony Carollo


Currituck County North Carolina over 6 years ago


I have bagworms of all sizes on a cedar? (something in that family of trees). I have picked off as many of the cases as I can but from what I have read I think they will just continue to grow on that tree. What is the best way to treat for this that won't harm other insects, birds etc.


Currituck County North Carolina over 3 years ago

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