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How is it that protons are affected by the strong magnetic field in an MRI and electrons are not?


Cumberland County NC almost 5 years ago

Identy help

Im trying to find out what this is and i have tried the plant identifier several times with no help,,,,
Please help,,,,
Thank you for your time and consideration


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Cumberland County NC over 3 years ago

bugs in my apple tree

I got a survey for my question, but I never got an answer. Please help. My Apple tree appears to have either a disease or bugs. Brown spots are on the Apple's and some of the leaves look like brown lace. Thanks!


Cumberland County NC almost 6 years ago

wild fire blackgum tree. Is this a messy tree?

I just cut down a mimosa tree because of all the mess and little mimosas all over the yard. will i find myself in the same situation where i will be constantly cleaning up a mess?


Cumberland County NC about 1 year ago

apartment move- in

I'm wanting to move into an apartment. Birth certificate is lost; having trouble obtaining duplicate. Assistant manager says, you can have a self- affidavit. Don't know anything about it, don't know if it needs to be signed, notarized etc.


Cumberland County NC about 2 years ago

Evergreen Wisteria

Is there a variety of evergreen wisteria that is hardy in Cumberland County, NC?


Cumberland County NC over 3 years ago

What are tree borers

Sap running, big flies with lg blue wings. Tree is turning black ice pick like holes on the branches


Cumberland County NC 3 months ago

high school diploma; replacement

High school diploma, lost. Replacement(duplicate?) Is there an easy way to obtain a high school diploma duplicate? How?


Cumberland County NC about 2 years ago

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