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Broadleaf and grassy weed control in liriope beds

What’s a broadleaf herbicides I can use safely over the top of liriope? Also trying to get rid of Bermuda grass, yellow foxtails and fescue clumps. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Cleveland County NC 5 months ago

Fertilizer and Grass Seed Type : Fall Overseeding

Want to get suggestions on best fertilizer to use just prior to overseeding with tall fescue in Cleveland County (have not gotten a soil sample test done in years unfortunately).
Also, what suggestions do you have for very best tall fescue seed to buy.

Thank you very much for your suggetions


Cleveland County NC 6 months ago

What kind of snake?

Hi! I came across this baby snake walking the trails near my home. Almost stepped on him. I live in the western region of North Carolina and was just wondering what type of snake it is. Sorry for the blurry picture...I didn’t want to get to close because I had my dog with me. Thanks!


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Cleveland County NC almost 3 years ago

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