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ID of yellow Mushroom

I purchased this plant at local farmers market. Not sure if the yellow mushroom is good to have in my flower bed or not. Is this the yellow indoor potting soil fungi? plant is lentana. If need I can take further photos of the underside of the cap. Either way it is beautiful right??


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Chowan County North Carolina 6 months ago

Yard weed

I have this weed which is taking over my yard and flower. What can I use to kill it and also won't hurt my flowers.


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Chowan County North Carolina about 5 years ago

Worming horses

Are there any published guidelines for worming horses in the southeast? Which wormers to use spring/fall based on fecal egg counts? Which wormers are recommended regardless due to worms that don’t tend to show up in samples (I think I’ve read tapeworms are one)? I’m generally confused about the transmission of worms. I’ve read to only harrow pastures on the hottest summer days. But then I’ve also read that worms don’t survive the heat well period, so is dragging necessary or helpful then? I would happily read and study any document that would help me better grasp the situation. I have not been able to find one.


Chowan County North Carolina over 3 years ago

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