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Unidentified insect/bug

I found a bug/insect/caterpillar on my screened porch yesterday. I am wondering what it is. I have a picture, however, its orange antenna don't show up.



Chatham County NC 6 months ago

Hellebore disease

Have you information on a “Black Death” for Hellebore? Thanks


Chatham County NC 6 months ago

Split Redbud tree trunk

We moved into a new home in Pittsboro NC and the Redbud tree in front of house has a split trunk. Should we treat it somehow or leave it alone.


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Chatham County NC over 1 year ago

How long can I wait?

I bought 3 hypericum bushes a week ago Tuesday(October 6). They are in 3-gallon containers, and I noticed when Big Bloomer's loaded them into my car that the roots were growing out of the bottom. I am unable to lift them and my garden help can't plant them until this weekend, October 17-19. Should I go ahead and find someone to do this, or can they wait a few more days? They were well watered during last week's rainy weekend. Thanks for any advice!


Chatham County NC 5 months ago

What tree is this?

From these leaves, can you tell me what tree these leaves come from. I live in Chatham County and the trees are in a park in a subdivision called Briar Chapel.



Chatham County NC 6 months ago

Soil Sampling Still Going on?

Is the annual soil sample testing still occurring? I just dropped on some samples in the white boxes, and there were about 3 boxes out there. So I am wondering if the testing is still occurring. Thank you


Chatham County NC 6 months ago

How to store seeds for future use

there used to be an article on the website on how to store seeds. It was at this URL and another one at and I would like to see that information back on your website. Many thanks!!!


Chatham County NC 11 months ago

flowering cherry tree looks dead

Our beautiful flowering cherry tree's leaves which bloomed nicely this spring have turned "dead-looking" brown within three weeks. When I cut into the branches they appear alive. The leaves do not appear to have any splotches that might indicate a fungus.In those 3 weeks we received a lot of rain. Pictures are below. Do you have any idea as to the cause and what should we do about it. Thank you, Tom Kinert


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Chatham County NC over 3 years ago

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