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flowering cherry tree looks dead

Our beautiful flowering cherry tree's leaves which bloomed nicely this spring have turned "dead-looking" brown within three weeks. When I cut into the branches they appear alive. The leaves do not appear to have any splotches that might indicate a fungus.In those 3 weeks we received a lot of rain. Pictures are below. Do you have any idea as to the cause and what should we do about it. Thank you, Tom Kinert


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Chatham County North Carolina horticulture trees and shrubs about 2 years ago


Hello,I acquired a load of dry cow manure about 1 month ago. which I discovered small fire ants in same.I treated it with Amdro fire ant killer and covered the pile.My question is,which by the way I asked the manufacturer this same question but have not recieved an answer.So I hope you can help me.How long does it take for the Amdro to become safe to use in my veggie garden/I'm hoping to use the manure in the spring.


Chatham County North Carolina fire ants pastures and forages gardening horticulture almost 4 years ago


I have tomato seeds that I purchased from a reputable seed company and had great success with them.I saved some of original seeds in an air tite container and stored in the crisper drawer of my fridge.My question is will the seeds produce plants as healthy and strong as last year.Also how far apart should I start seeds for a second planting.
Thank you
Joe Labbate


Chatham County North Carolina horticulture tomatoes seeds over 2 years ago

vegetable seeds

Can vegetable seeds from a reputable seed company be saved year to year and if so the best way


Chatham County North Carolina seeds vegetable gardening horticulture over 3 years ago

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