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Pickled eggs

I have a recipe for pickled eggs that requires pressure canning @ 250 degrees for 30 minutes, with a shelf life of 9 months. I know in the past that pickled eggs don't last that long as they are eaten long before that. The recipe calls for 5% vinegar and 2 Tbsp salt per quart. Would this be a fair time for shelf life, or could the shelf life be extended beyond 9 months?
Many thanks,
Monty Camp


Catawba County NC about 3 years ago

Oak trees under attack?

For the second year in a row, we are seeing multiple oaks on our property (not all of them, but maybe most) seemingly under attack from something. Not sure if this is disease or insect predation, but it came last summer at about the same time - showed up in mid August and got worse for the next two months. Since two oaks in the same stand of trees (40' apart) don't seem to be affected the same, I'm wondering if this is disease rather than insect. The symptoms are: seeing a significant amount of leaves browning in the upper branches, fairly distributed but does seem to cluster a bit, bunches of leaves falling to the ground (see provided pictures). There appears to be some insect damage to the leaves, but I'm hoping you can help me identify what might be going on here. It's hard to get a good shot of how this looks in the tree because of the background/light sky, but I can try again if it would be helpful. Thank you in advance. We love our oaks, and the trees we have on our property are super important to us. Want to do everything we can to preserve them.


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Catawba County NC 6 months ago

Luna moth caterpillars won't eat

My Luna moth caterpillars won't eat. I've given them: sumac, oak, birch, beech, and many other leaves. I don't understand why they won't eat it's stressing me out greatly


Catawba County NC 6 months ago

Skunk Odor

Can you tell e how to neutralize a skunk spray on my yard ?


Catawba County NC over 3 years ago

what is this bush/plant

what is this plant/ bush. sometimes the leaves are purplish. It just started blooming with little clusters of white flowers.


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Catawba County NC over 4 years ago

looks like I planted some seed that cross pollinated, guessing spaghetti...

looks like I planted some seed that cross pollinated, guessing spaghetti squash with zucchini, is it safe to eat


Catawba County NC over 6 years ago

Some type of Maple?

I have another type of maple in the yard but this doesn't match it.



Catawba County NC almost 5 years ago

Mitigating a kudzu jungle

To Whom It May Concern, I recently moved to Hickory, and I love the green spaces available even in the center of town. Just like my previous home in Georgia, I live a few blocks from an established kudzu jungle. It's the kind that has probably been growing for years, so it's nothing that could easily be pulled or cut back. Still, I would love to get my hands on it and make whatever small contribution I can to let the trees breathe again. I have only worked with kudzu management at the early stage. Is there any practice you would recommend for non-chemical mitigation of such established kudzu? I would, of course, check with the local parks and rec or whomever I would need before starting anything on land that is not mine. Thank you for all you do! Nathan


Catawba County NC 4 months ago

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