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I'm in Pines Knoll Shores, eastern NC. The sulfa butterflies are out in force. For years as far back as I can remember, I only see them flying east all day long. Why is this?


Carteret County NC over 4 years ago

Whale bone identification?

I found this large bone on the beach in NC and believe it is a whale vertebrae. Are you able to confirm this or otherwise identify this bone/fossil? It measures about 12" x 8"


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Carteret County NC over 2 years ago

Brown Circles and Centipede Grass dying

Large and small brow circles are popping up all over my yard. It is killing all the grass in these areas. Can someone tell my the problem and the fix. I have not experienced this problem over the last 4 years. We have centipede.


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Carteret County NC over 4 years ago

It was supposed to be lavender

My husband planted lavender last year and this is what showed up instead. What is it?



Carteret County NC 6 months ago

Pre-emergent Fall application

I live on the coast in Carteret county. When should I apply pre-emergent this fall to my lawn?


Carteret County NC 6 months ago

St Augustine grass

Is there a weed and feed for St augustine grass? If not what is the best fertilizer for St Augustine and what is the best weed killer granules to spread for St Augustine? Thank you much


Carteret County NC almost 2 years ago

Grass snails

How do I get rid of Vallonia costata (grass snails) in my lawn


Carteret County NC about 4 years ago

Brown fig tree leaves

We have a 6 - 8 foot fig tree - well established. Very suddenly the leaves turned brown and fell. Half of the tree is involved. Other than reducing watering, should we be applying any treatments?


Carteret County NC over 1 year ago

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