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Re Moth Question

I am Ricky Bolick and I sent the question about two moths from the same cocoon. I took a couple pictures of the two moths holding onto the cocoon. Its on a regular camera but if your more interested in seeing them I will get them developed and sent to too you. I also have the cocoon they came from if you want too inspect it for evidence. If it would help prove something interesting for science I would be willing to meet with the scientist from Gastonia. That's about a 1 hour drive from my home. Thanks.


Caldwell County North Carolina moth development about 2 years ago

Baby brown recluse

I live in North Carolina about 45 minutes from Appalachian State University. I recently bought a house and I'm seeing these spiders everywhere. Always underneath blankets,clothes, etc. that are in the floor. Is this a baby brown recluse spider? I do know that we do have them around here. Please help! I have small children and I'm very worried! Thank you very much, look forward to a response from someone! God Bless


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Caldwell County North Carolina spiders spider identification steatoda sp over 2 years ago

Plant Identification

Hi, there are a few of these trees growing around my yard and I was wondering what type it was. The tree itself is about 15 feet tall and is covered in small reddish berries that have rough, yellow/tan spots. The fruit is pitted, very juicy, and smells similar to a plum when crushed. Any help identifying the plant would be appreciated.


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Caldwell County North Carolina trees and shrubs plant identification horticulture about 3 years ago

Main stem of concord grape turning brown

The main stem of my two year old concord grapes is turning red brown color not sure what is going on with them. Looking for answer so i can correct it if i can. I was green and growing last we and now is turning brown.


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Caldwell County North Carolina horticulture grapes about 3 years ago

Possible causes for woodpecker problems

I was told that my woodpecker problem could be caused due to a termite or carpenter fly problem & should have exterminator check that first! Is this a major problem or should I try to deter it first after plugging hole?


Caldwell County North Carolina woodpeckers wildlife damage management about 2 years ago

Moth question

I collect cocoons I find during the winter and hang them on my porch to hatch. I had a brown moth come out yesterday July 10th and it has stayed longer than normal holding onto the cocoon. This morning I checked on it and there are two moths on the cocoon. I have never seen two come from the same cocoon. Is the rare ore more frequent than I think?


Caldwell County North Carolina insects moth development about 2 years ago

Spraying Copper and oil

Is it safe to spray horticultural oil after spraying copper


Caldwell County North Carolina over 3 years ago

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