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Mango corruption

We have been getting mangoes lately with some weird internal (beneath the skin) structure, appearing like teeth or ribs--white in color. Ideas?



Cabarrus County North Carolina food mangoes about 2 years ago

grape vine fertilizer

What fertilizer is good for table grapes and when do I use it?


Cabarrus County North Carolina grapes horticulture fertilizer over 3 years ago

House plant type

How can you tell if a small plant is woody. What does it look like. My plant green but the leaves are drooping.


Cabarrus County North Carolina houseplants over 1 year ago

Cypress Condition?

Hi there. This cypress tree was transported from my boyfriend's yard (in western NC mountains) to my yard (Piedmont - Concord NC) about 3 weeks ago.

I've been watering it daily (about 8 gallons or so of water), but just noticed the ends of some of the branches are turning light brown. The branches are not as green and lush as they were.

I'm not sure what to do or if I should be concerned. I don't claim to have a very "green" thumb, so any advice is much appreciated.



Cabarrus County North Carolina cypress almost 4 years ago

Hairy spider in my house

What kind of spider is this? Should I be worried?



Cabarrus County North Carolina spider identification jumping spider 8 months ago

What kind of spider

Anyone know what kind of spider this is. This the best shot I could get considering this is my biggest fear


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Cabarrus County North Carolina spider identification green lynx spider peucetia viridans over 2 years ago

No growth after a week

I received an amaryllis bulb planted in a pot a week ago. The soil was covered in moss. No instructions as to leaving or removing the moss, so I watered the plant with the moss. Almost a week later there is no sign of new growth, so I removed the moss. Still no sign of a green stem. The soil is still damp around the bulb. Directions say it needs 'bright light' which is a challenge in our home. Is artificial light [from a lamp] OK? Previous amaryllis I've had responded more quickly. Thank you.


Cabarrus County North Carolina amaryllis horticulture about 3 years ago

URGENT Hurricane Florance, expecting 10-15in rainfall. How likely is this tree to fall on my house?

Idk what kind of tree it is or how deep the roots go. I haven't seen acorns on it, but some brownish/yellowish fuzzy stringy looking things. Please help, very close to my house. We are situated on a slight hill.


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Cabarrus County North Carolina horticulture trees and shrubs over 1 year ago

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