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Thick black dust in my house?

I have a thick black dust in my home. It gets on everything. It coats my curtains, gets on my furniture. I have never had this and do not know where it comes from. I live near a interstate and some web sites suggest that is the cause. Can someone please tell me where this is coming from?


Burke County NC about 4 years ago

freezing walnuts

can u freeze walnuts after hulling and curing them .


Burke County NC about 4 years ago

Canning basil

I see that I cannot can pesto because of the oil and I understand but I would like to be able to just can the basil with some water in it a little bit. What would be the time that I would have to can it and pressure or boil. Maybe like chili peppers in pressure canner? Using 4 oz jelly jars


Burke County NC over 1 year ago

Webbing on plants

I’m new to this area and all of my bushes like in the picture have this webbing. Some are almost covered. Is this hurting the plants? If so, how do I get rid of it?


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Burke County NC 4 months ago

Server FAilure

The servers for IPMSARE will not let me view the material in any browser and says server error and asks us to contact you. I need this corrected because I do not need to get behind in my work please resolve this problem....


Burke County NC almost 4 years ago

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