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Yellow fir

Yes I live in Arbuckle ca and I have a very old yellow for ( I beliee it is) anyways I think my tree has been poisoned. It looks like the branches are burned and it has sore like on the base of the rree8 also I noticed some slash marks on it. When I water it the water has a hazy gloss over the top. Who or how can I get someone too help me with tgis? I don' have the money to get a complete check up on it. Please help I love my tree.


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Colusa County California over 2 years ago

Why is my Redwood tree dying?

My poor redwood tree, this happen in less than a month. One day we walked out and the tree was turning a brown color from the top down and it happen fast. One day it was green the next sick, brown and wilting. We keep it on a slow watered system and it's been health. What could cause such a fast death? Could it come back to health if we wait for a while? We don't know what to do to help it.
Does it look like it's been poisoned? I look forward to hearing your opinion, we are so sad and wish we could help our tree some how.



Colusa County California over 2 years ago

This is on my apricot tree each year, reduces the fruit and infects nearby...

This is on my apricot tree each year, reduces the fruit and infects nearby peach trees but not as badly. Do you know what it is, how do I get rid of it, or are my trees lacking something (minerals, vitamins)?



Colusa County California over 6 years ago

Nonbearing Trees

Do you have fertilizer recommendations for nonbearing trees?


Colusa County California about 1 year ago

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