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What type of grass is best suited for WNC lawns (2300 ft)?


Buncombe County NC 5 months ago

What kind of bug is this

So I have heard a high pitched noise in my house similar to a cricket but quite sustained. I found the bug one day, and it had it's wings up, and they had holes located in the center of the wing making the noise. I finally found one today where I could get a picture, but it looks like a tiny cricket. I am unable to find any images that support this online, so I thought I would ask!


Pxl_20201020_152919046_300x300%2523 Pxl_20201020_152924047_300x300%2523

Buncombe County NC 3 months ago

Stump removal

I had some trees cut in my yard at the end of last week. This morning I decided to get the process started for DIY stump removal. I have never tried drilling holes in a stump before but I'm thinking this might be too soon. How long should I wait before drilling holes for the potassium nitrate?


Buncombe County NC 4 months ago

Identifying a tree

I'm attaching three photos taken in mid-May of a tree in western North Carolina. Can you help identify it? Thank you, Ellen RObbins


Pat's_tree_1_300x300%2523 Pat's_tree_2_300x300%2523 Pat's_tree_3_300x300%2523

Buncombe County NC over 1 year ago


Can poinsettias be safely composted? I have no desire to keep the gift flower alive but would be glad to feed my composter! Thanks!


Buncombe County NC about 4 years ago

Can anyone tell me what this shrub is?

It gets red berries/leaves in the winter & stays green in the summer.\

thank you



Buncombe County NC over 6 years ago

Lilac bush disease

What is cause of lilac leaf tips curling up and drying out and dying ? Just noticed now in july.


Buncombe County NC over 2 years ago

Is this a giant Asian “murder” hornet?

See attached photo. Size: tip of my finger to first knuckle.


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Buncombe County NC 5 months ago

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