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Can anyone ID this scat?

We have been finding this on our deck and lawn. We live in Leicester North Carolina just outside Asheville. I am thinking bobcat or a possum?


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Buncombe County NC wildlife wildlife identification 14 days ago

Is it too late to plant glads?

I found a bag of glad bulbs I neglected to plant this year. I am in zone 7a. Can I safely plant these now, I don't care if they bloom this year. They do overwinter here. Or should I store them til spring ? Whats the best way to store them? Thanks for your help.


Buncombe County NC gladiolus 3 months ago

Mixed Fowl?

We are planning on restarting our flock in the spring and thinking of mixing things up. I was thinking of getting chickens and Guinea fowl, is it OK to have those birds share a coop and yard or should they each have their own space?


Buncombe County NC poultry 5 months ago

Identifying a tree

I'm attaching three photos taken in mid-May of a tree in western North Carolina. Can you help identify it? Thank you, Ellen RObbins


Pat's_tree_1_300x300%2523 Pat's_tree_2_300x300%2523 Pat's_tree_3_300x300%2523

Buncombe County NC tree identification 7 months ago

What is this?

Trying to figure out what this is please help!!



Buncombe County NC plant identification 7 months ago

Hemp in NC

Hello, I'm Solomon McDonald,and student of UNCA (University of North Carolina Asheville). I'm contacting you with questions the feasibility of planting hemp in the humid subtropical of eastern N.C. I have around 34 acres of arable land, and other finances in order to start some sort of operation. So is this enough land in order for a harvest of hemp crop to be profitable? Also what sort of other outlets would you suggest I go through in terms of purchasing seeds, or starter crops? My last question is what kind of hemp plant is the best for the climate type of eastern N.C. Thank you very much, and have a great evening.


Buncombe County NC hemp production field crops 8 months ago

What’s wrong with these chick’s feathers?

The chick hatched with these odd feathers. Otherwise, the chick is thriving, but the feathers are strange. Three photos from hatch, one week and two weeks of age. This is not from pecking, but even the head feathers are short and rough.

I think the Breed is F2 Olive Egger. Roo (Barnvelder x Americauna) x hen (Partridge Penedesenca).


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Buncombe County NC poultry 9 months ago

Lilac bush disease

What is cause of lilac bush leaf tips curling and dying (in summer)?



Buncombe County NC lilac bushes horticulture leaf curl over 1 year ago

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