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What kind of scat is this?

If I am in the wrong place please excuse me. Please point me in the right direction if that's the case. I am finding one of these in the morning and another one in the evening over the last week. It is on the patio behind my kitchen. I have included a shot of the patio chair near it for scale. There is a lawn - and then a canal about 60 ft. away. What other info would you need to help me indentify them?


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Brunswick County North Carolina feces identification about 2 years ago

What kind if flower

I found this flower off a plant at a business outside. It caught my eye because the plant was green but the flower was Brown & dried up.


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Brunswick County North Carolina horticulture plant identification almost 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

Can you please help me identify this plant it is about 6 to 8 inches high and has a long thin trunk / stem and it grows little clusters of tiny white flowers thank you


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Brunswick County North Carolina plant identification tropical plants about 3 years ago

Pruning roses that are growing from a base that is about 2 feet tall.

We have 3 roses growing from these trunks. I want to prune them. Do I do it now or wait for early spring? We have had them a couple of years. The first year they were loaded with roses. They seem to be having less blooms each year. They were called Knock out roses that don't have to be cut off after they bloom, but I always cut them off instead of waiting for them to fall off. Is that wrong to do? I feed them with rose food from a local nursery in the summer.


Brunswick County North Carolina horticulture roses over 1 year ago

What kind of plant is this? Is it poisonous

This is growing in my yard. I recently moved here so I have no idea how long it's been here. There are a lot of them. And they have prickers on the stem I want to make sure they are not poisionous or harmful to humans before I touch it. Thank you, Lisa



Brunswick County North Carolina horticulture plant identification about 3 years ago

Lawn destruction

Recently I've been noticing my lawn has been turned over in a straight line I have packed down the piles of Hills the next morning they are back any idea what type of animal insect could be causing this and how I can prevent this from happening and destroying my lawn see picture attached thank you



Brunswick County North Carolina lawns and turf horticulture almost 2 years ago

Mason wasp instead of Mason bees

I put up a mason bee house this season and out in my mason bee larvae tube . Everything was going good they hatched out and about month later I noticed a mud cap on one tube. The days following more mud plugs and I was excited until I sat for a while and seen what was doing all the work,Mason Wasps. They are now hatching and every tube that hatched are Mason wasp not mason bees. What the heck do I do? Do mason wasp pollinate as well as Mason bees. Also they are aggressive. What to do!!!???


Brunswick County North Carolina mason bees 2 months ago

What is swarming in my backyard?

These have grown from a few annoying insects to a large swarm across about 40 feet. The back wall of my house. There are many thousands of them now over the last two weeks. They don’t seem to bite (much). I don’t see any bodies or wings on the ground or on the plants. They seem to calm down after dusk and into the early morning. From around 10 am til dusk seems to be when they are the most active. I hope these pictures help.


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Brunswick County North Carolina insect issues midges about 1 year ago

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