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pruning laurapetulum

Due to the harsh winter, my laurapetulum suffered from damaged branches. Before the flowers began blooming, I pruned the bush back close to the ground. Did I prune the bush too severely for it to grow back healthy and thick. Thanks so much


Bertie County North Carolina almost 6 years ago

Snake size according to fang width?

My lab mix dog has just survived a snake bite to his ear thanks to emergency vet care. I was walking him on my farm in Bertie County in eastern North Carolina. I never saw the snake but I witnessed my dog getting bit. I never heard a rattle of a rattle snake, which I know are numerous in Bertie. The vet treated him with anti-venom assuming it was a rattle snake. The fang marks were around 2.5 inches apart. Can you estimate the size of the snake based on the fang mark width? I am also learning that rattle snakes do not always rattle before striking. Is this true?


Bertie County North Carolina 6 months ago

Bermuda Grass Fall Maintenance

I have a cottage on the Albemarle Sound in Bertie county. The bermuda grass was planted in 2013, thus an established lawn. What are the recommended Fall maintenance procedures?


Bertie County North Carolina 6 months ago

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