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Identify this Spider?

Can you identify this spider? I see them occasionally in our 100 year old house. They’re usually more apparent after the exterminator’s monthly visit. I thought it might be a Brown Recluse, but couldn’t see any “violin shaped” marking on it. Thanks very much.


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Beaufort County NC spider identification spiders 9 months ago

Azalea's - Leaves Turning Brown in Hot July

We have just trimmed back our azalea, the leaves have now begun to turn brown? Could it be the hot July sun in NORTH CAROLINA? Other's have a veragated appearance?


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Beaufort County NC trees and shrubs horticulture azaleas over 3 years ago

winter berry (ilex verticillata)

we have black mold appearing on our winter red ilex. what can be done to correct this or is it to late to control once it appears?


Beaufort County NC horticulture trees and shrubs about 3 years ago

What kinda of water dwelling bug is this

What kinda big is this lol


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Beaufort County NC 8 months ago

Bulbs, corm, tubers and rhizomes

What is the difference?


Beaufort County NC plant biology horticulture over 3 years ago

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