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Dogbane forage

Anyone know whether cattle have been poisoned from eating hay with dog bane plants rolled into the hay grass? I didn’t know what it was until recently but I’m sure it has been in my hay grass for the past 3-4 years. I’m not aware of any livestock problems on my farm.


Ashe County NC over 1 year ago

Plant Identification

Can you identify this plant?



Ashe County NC 9 months ago

Do I HAVE to get rid of my muskrats?

There are 2 or 3 muskrats in my 100ft x 100ft pond in West Jefferson, NC. I have heard they can drain a pond by tunneling. How real is this issue? I would very much rather just let them be. Thank you.


Ashe County NC about 4 years ago

Apple tree disease

We have half a dozen heirloom trees about 10 years old from Big Horse Creek Farm. We have been getting more apples, but they always had dark spots. This year we have had very few apples, and leaves are dying. Can you identify the problem from the pictures, and suggest a strategy for saving these trees?


Apple_with_spots_300x300%2523 Diseased_leaves_300x300%2523

Ashe County NC 5 months ago

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