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Brown leaves on blueberry

Can you tell me what this is? Leaves are turning brown with silvery white spots on them. Plant is heavy with berries. Not as leafed out as I would like.


Calaveras County California 6 months ago

My strawberries are being eaten by lunges, and sow bugs. These are June...

My strawberries are being eaten by lunges, and sow bugs. These are June bearing berries and are starting to ripen now. I'm looking for an organic remidy. Also, how often and how long should I water? I'm using drip system. Thank you. Linda Specht Murphys, Cal.


Calaveras County California over 3 years ago

Evasive water plant ?

12 years I've been passing this pond and then this year's these showed up.



Calaveras County California over 4 years ago

Grapes from Italy

We purchased a home that was built by Italian immigrants. They brought vines with them from Italy. Trying to figure out what variety it is.


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Calaveras County California over 1 year ago

Dioecious unknown plant

Plants are about 10 ft tall, male and female, 2 inch leaves, blue fruits.


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Calaveras County California about 4 years ago

How far to move tomatoes to avoid soil fungus

Last year I lost about half of my 30 tomatoes with symptoms that suggested it was possibly Fusarium wilt. So if I do indeed have this or some other similar fungus in my soil is it isolated to those previous planting holes? Will moving my tomatoes over a couple feet be enough to avoid the fungus? If not, how far away would I need to go? Any other tips for dealing with this?


Calaveras County California over 4 years ago

Forestry: Are "tree injections" effective vs. beetles in drought, w/o watering the trees?

Dear Experts,

Last drought season in CA Sierra resulted in many dried pine trees, and I look for any ways to minimize this next year.

I've heard of "trees injection" with chemicals ("pheromones" or insecticides) used to prevent pines' "death". However, I don't know whether this would work in drought conditions, without watering (which is hard to do in the forest, even if near property).

Common sense might suggest that if the drying trees are "on their last leg" as is, then beetles infestation may be just one symptom of the root problem, rather than a key factor causing the issue.

Also, this treatment is costly, and I'd really appreciate your advice on whether this would be effective in drought, without watering the trees in the first place.

Thank you very much for your expert advice.


Calaveras County California almost 4 years ago

What kind of bug is this?

I found this in our new apartment at 4 AM near the door. These were rented out bug free. I live in southern cali so I've seen my fare Share of cockroaches but this almost looks beetle-ish to me but the legs and attenae make me lean towards roach ><... Any help is appreciated, thanks!



Calaveras County California about 5 years ago

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