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Black Walnut

Will burning of black walnut branches leave the toxic chemical juglone behind?


Yates County New York over 1 year ago

wilt pruf and or burlap for shrubs

I had a few evergreens planted a year ago. Last year the chameacyparis dwarf hinokis died after the winter. They were treated with wilt pruf in early november and immediately wrapped up in burlap. In the spring, the plants were 90% dead. They were replaced with new ones this spring.

Do you recommend Wilt pruf and or burlap for this ( or any other evergreens such as junipers, cedars, Korean pine, eastern white pine bush, birds nest spruce, holleys)? I had all of them wrapped the first winter and was wondering if any of those need wilt pruf and/or burlap going into their second winter.


Yates County New York almost 2 years ago

Milky substance

My lilac bushes have small blobs of a thick white milky substance all over them. I thought a bird pooped at first, but the globs are all over all my lilac bushes. They were not there on Sunday. What is it and how to fix it.


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Yates County New York 3 months ago

Cucumbers not producing fruit

We seem to not have female blossoms on our cucumber plants. Lots of male blossoms. No fruit. What is happening?


Yates County New York about 1 year ago

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