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Westchester County New York about 3 years ago

What mantis can survive heat of summer and winter of New york?

The four that can are Chinse Mantits, European Mantis, carolina Mantist, and Praying Mantis

is thier any other that could survive to adapt


Westchester County New York about 4 years ago

Do you know where to get Climb Up Insect Interceptors in Westchester County,...

Do you know where to get Climb Up Insect Interceptors in Westchester County, NY. Is there a preferred method of thermal treatment for bed bugs. Is glycol fuel superior to propane?


Westchester County New York about 6 years ago

training for use of Smart Choice curriculumn

Has anyone in NY state been trained to offer the health insurance literacy program? Is there a fee for training and who is the proper contact person to discuss further?


Westchester County New York almost 5 years ago

regrowth after cutting pine 1/2 down

A neighbor and I want to cut a very large pine tree down past the point where it splits into 2, which would leave approx 20-30 feet. If left standing, it already leans, there is a good chance it will take out our home. We were told by one tree man that we needed to take completely down or it will regrow. The cost of doing so is too expensive for us. I never heard about a pine tree regrowing. What is the story on this?


Westchester County New York over 4 years ago

Weed invading my flower bed, what is it?

Transplanted to another pot to see what happened but I need the pot so I tore it out. Any thoughts?


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Westchester County New York over 4 years ago

Honey harvest

How many times we can harvest honey from a beehive per year ? And when ? Should we keep Honey for bees for winter if I don’t want to feed them sugar?


Westchester County New York 5 months ago

Arborvitae thinning out soon after planting, and getting worse

Hi, I am in Westchester County NY. I planted a row of tall green emeralds the last weekend of September last year. I watered quite a bit the first week after planting, at the roots only, and noticed browning starting to happen then. I stopped watering for the season and also had a drip line installed for the future.

Fast forward to May, 8 months later. They survived the winter, but thinned out even more. My landscaper and the nursery is claiming that this is from water damage from my sprinkler hitting it. I find the claim dubious because the sprinkler was barely hitting them, and some not at all, and even those became brown. They say they took them to 3 other nurseries that all said the same thing, and the nursery won't replace them.

A few other observations - the insides of almost all the trees is also quite brown, but from what I understand this is normal? I also do see new growth shoots out of the trunks, so I suppose that is a good sign.

So what does this look like? IS it exterior water damage from the sprinkler? Damage from my overwatering? Or something else?

Finally, for moving forward, the land scaper offered to turn some of them, where the backs aren't as bad as the front. Is this a good idea to do? We're also going to fertilize the trees. Any suggestions of what to use?



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Westchester County New York 4 months ago

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