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Mystery shrub

What type of shrub is this? It was run over and I want to replace it.


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Wayne County New York 2 months ago

Ant in Upstate NY

I came across 2 small ants of the same variety -- 1 on each end of my downstairs. Hoping the picture I attached is helpful. Beyond that, I'm curious if the really hot weather we've had is a factor.

Thanks for any tips/insight.



Wayne County New York almost 2 years ago

sidedress sweetcorn

I have a 5x15 plot in a community garden. I rototilled it, added 360 pounds of bagged manure/compost and rototilled again. I added 5 pounds of 5-10-5 and rototilled again. I planted 4 five foot rows of bodacous corn. then a few winter squash, then 4 more rows of corn. the corn is about a foot tall after 3 weeks. I have access to water. I have these questions. Should I side dress the corn and when? Can I plant a few pole beans next to the corn to have a 3 sisters garden? This would have to be in the next week -the corn would be 2 feet tall when the beans sprout. How tall does the corn get-I would guess 5-6 feet, but bought bulk seed so have no info. Thank you.


Wayne County New York horticulture gardening about 3 years ago

Serving Line Design

HI !

We are in the process of replacing our serving lines at the Elem. School K-6 , I was thinking of switching the order of serving. First put the cold veggies and fruits , then the entree's and Hot vegetables at the end of the line . Milk just before they get to the cashiers, Snacks would have to be asked for from the cashiers. Does this make sense to you guys, and is there anything else I could do, before the equipment is picked out and ordered?

Thank You in advance

Vince Beltrone FSM


Wayne County New York smarter lunchrooms movement healthy food choices in schools over 3 years ago

late blight on tomatoes

I haven't had a confirmation that what hit my tomatoes is late blight, but after watching the webinar from Cornell Extension, I am pretty sure it is. I will take a sample to be tested but with the remaining plants it was advised to remove the plants, bag them and leave the bags in the sun. Could they also be burned? What about the supports that were used with the plants? Should they be burned or discarded as well or is there some way to "disinfect" them? Thanks.


Wayne County New York fruits and vegetables horticulture almost 6 years ago

I recently used a Scotts fertilizer/weed killer product for late summer/early...

I recently used a Scotts fertilizer/weed killer product for late summer/early fall. I followed the directions but think that I used too much as I have many spots where the grass is yellow and dead. What I can do about it? I feel like contacting scotts to complain. Based on your experience, is there anything that Scotts could do for me? And what's the best way to fix the spots? Thank you


Wayne County Michigan lawns and turf almost 5 years ago

Can I still save seeds from rodent damaged squash?

Can I save seeds from rodent damaged squash?


Wayne County New York seeds gardening almost 3 years ago

Maple tree dying

I have a very large Maple tree that has provided years of nice green leaves. This spring in upstate NY like most of New England was very wet. My Maple tree bloomed as usual but never fully developed the leafs. Now over 90% of the small leafs appear to be dead or dying. What may have caused this?



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Wayne County New York maple diseases maple tree leaf drop about 2 years ago

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