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Growth on lawn, What is it, Fungus?

The growth is rubber like in many spots in area of lawn. Growing near some mushrooms that also popped up. Bluish green color with white oval in middle of each spot of multiple (nodes) growths. Can anyone identify this and how to get rid of it? Help would be appreciated.

How long before someone attempts an answer? This was asked the 2nd and today is the 6th.


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Warren County New York over 1 year ago

Identifying grape varieties

I have a couple of arbors in the side yard of the house I just moved into, no information on them from the previous owner... Is there any way to identify the variety and therefore the potential uses for them? I can send a picture of the leaves and immature fruit clusters if that will help.


Warren County New York over 5 years ago


I just found this thing on my floor. Appeared dead but when I tried to pick it up it started moving. Someone please tell me what this is



Warren County New York over 2 years ago

Parts List for Maple Syrup Reverse Osmosis Option 3

I am interested in building an RO system from Option 3 on your YouTube video. Any help offered would be appreciated. Thank you. Dale Monthony


Warren County New York almost 5 years ago

I have a couple of large gardens on family property that have been laying...

I have a couple of large gardens on family property that have been laying fallow for 2 years. My first question is how do I de-weed the gardens without the use of chemicals. My second question is it is very high clay content. How do I work to improve the soil to make it more workable as the years go on. Bonus question because it is clay ground often rain will keep us from getting our plants into the ground until very late in an already short season, is there a way to dry it up so we can ensure one rain doesnt push us back.


Warren County New York over 6 years ago

Moving maple leaves

I have noticed our big old maple w/ leaves that have holes all through their leaves and they look dry and brown. The funny thing is our yard is cover with little circular pieces of the leaf and some move. I have flipped them over to see if their was a bug underneath, but see nothing. It does not look like the leaves will turn w/ fall colors. They are filled w/ holes and dying.


Warren County New York about 2 years ago

Startaviska Lilac baby, about 4 ' tall

Now leaves are crinkled up, , curled with a white ,cotton like web on top of leaves..


Warren County New York over 4 years ago

Grass seeding in North Country in the fall?

I just recently (end of Sep) had a bunch of clearing done and have a 1/4 acre of dirt which I'd like to seed and eventually go to meadow. This is in the Gore Mountain area. Should I seed now, wait until later in the fall, or wait until spring? I have heard that ryegrass is the best choice, is that your thought? If I do seed, should I cover with hay or something else to protect it and reduce erosion until it comes in? I would eventually like it to be a wild-ish meadow; I'm trying to control erosion control, reduce mud, etc. The area is a hill, though not a very steep one.


Warren County New York almost 2 years ago

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