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underground root systems

my neighbor's yard was filled in with rocks, a lot of them, then soiled over, not much soil either. We have root systems, that are intwined into the rocks under the soil. I have pulled the weeds I could, and layed down weed blocker in 3 levels, each cover overlaps the next layer down, this is on a hill. The roots and weeds are now growing up from under the layers of weed block. I am at a loss, as to what to do to rid the ground of these things, especially since the amount of rocks below, where the root systems are eminating from, any help would be so greatly appreciated, thankyou


Ulster County New York about 2 years ago

Browning of Hemlock

Hello, we have what has been a very full, vibrant hemlock in our back yard; it's among other trees (white pines, maples, etc.) We treated 150 trees for the wooly alegid two seasons (Spring) in a row, this year and the year prior. We had no visible blight, but thought it would be a good idea to proactively protect the trees. The tree below (picture) suddenly has a lot of yellow-ish/brown foliage. We experienced this on a hemlock in our front yard last year which was healthy and vibrant, and then suddenly had yellowish foliage, dropped needles and was then dead within one month. I am afraid the same thing is happening with this tree. Do you know what it is and what can be done? Thanks. Ken in Woodstock, NY



Ulster County New York about 3 years ago

Fava bean leaves turning yellow then dying

Hi, the leaves around the base of my Fava bean plants are turning completely yellow (beginning at the edge, with the veins the last to turn) and then beginning to die/turn brown and burnt looking from the edge inwards. I have applied lots of compost, bone meal, and water every 2-3 days. The soil is sandy and drains well. Any idea what this could be? Thanks!!


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Ulster County New York 4 months ago

Spider identification

I’m unable to determine the type of spider, please help.



Ulster County New York 2 months ago

Yellow Magnolia, invasive insect

The bark at the base of our magnolia has split, exposing the wood beneath, which has turned soft and pithy. It appears to be invaded by wood boring insect larvae. See photos. I've attempted to clean out the dead wood and spray with tree wound protective dressing. Any further suggestions would be appreciated, particularly how to discourage these insects. The tree blossomed this year and the leaves appear healthy, but the wound is large and deep. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Ulster County New York over 1 year ago

Fruit tree?

I would like to know what type of tree this is and if the fruits are edible



Ulster County New York about 4 years ago

Can I salvage my girdled Japanese Maple

Within 3 weeks this tree went from a healthy specimen to the attached photo. When I planted this tree 2 years ago, I wrapped the lower 18" to protect it from animal damage. My problem was that I used a wire tie at the top of the wrap which caused the issue as shown. The trunk is roughly 1" in diameter. Is there anything I can do to salvage this tree. Thank you in advance.... Mike


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Ulster County New York about 3 years ago

What is this bug, encountered in Ulster County

I stopped.outside a friend's trailer in Bloomingburg and this bug landed on my car window. What kind of bug is it?


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Ulster County New York about 1 year ago

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