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leach line

As it turns out, our pear tree is planted over our leach line. It's nice because we don't have to water it. However I'm afraid to eat the fruit. Is the fruit safe?


Butte County California almost 4 years ago

Deformed pumpkins

What would cause deformity and poor growth in pumpkins and squash?


Butte County California over 2 years ago

tall thin plant

the plan is relatively sent all get up to about 4 feet tall so far grows mass variety there's been no seeds its just wild


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Butte County California over 4 years ago

What succulent?

I'm not sure what kind of succulent this is... The some leaves are green, some are red.


Butte County California almost 5 years ago

Avocado Tree Brown Leaves

Hello, I planted 2 avocado trees in the middle of spring, they took off very well. I’ve noticed the leaves have started to brown. It’s been pretty hot , 95-100 degrees. They are not in full sun, but do experience the afternoon sun quite a bit. They’re on a timer that waters them 20ish minutes 3 days a week. Am I under watering? Over watering? Or? Thanks!


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Butte County California about 1 year ago

Soil sample testing

As a long time organic gardener, I have maintained my wonderful loam receiving years of great vegetables and flowers. I recently grew a cover crop of nitrogen fixing peas and beans I order to rototill and improve the soil. It has been a disaster! Tomato plants have died and cannot even get a zucchini to flower, let alone fruit. Plz help!


Butte County California about 4 years ago

What kind of Grapes?

We recently moved in to a home with a vineyard in the backyard. There was no information to go with it. How do we determine what kind of grapes we have? Thank you.


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Butte County California over 6 years ago

Found dead

We’ve had a loan turkey hen in our bushes around the house for two weeks and today we found her dead on our sidewalk. No signs of animal molestation. Why was this Turkeyhen alone and what are possible causes of her death? Could she have died from loneliness? Or stress?



Butte County California 6 months ago

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