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Blackeyed Susan Buds Eaten

What is eating the buds off of my Black-eyed Susans

Yesterday I caught the culprits. This was the first time since winter that I saw deers.
I didn’t see them eating them, but I figured they were the guys. It was Momma and 2 babies.
I new it wasn’t the squirrels because the plants were too high. No rabbits around.
Convinced it was slugs....till yesterday.
Thanks for all the work you do.
You have helped me in the past with my dogwood tree many years ago.
Be blessed, Sandi


Suffolk County New York 2 months ago

Is this poisonous to dogs or humans?

Within the last 2 weeks these have popped up. I wanted to know if they were poisonous and what kind of plant they are? Thank you for your help.

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Suffolk County New York about 4 years ago

your research is out dated!!!!!!

Geesebusters New Technology see video--- (see whistle trained geese)

Suffolk County New York about 6 years ago

Prostrate spurge (euphorbia maculata)

I am tired of weeding my garden and thought what if I found a low growing weed and used it as a ground cover in the garden. No I'm not crazy but I decided to try prostrate spurge. I chose a sunny location in the garden and it is matting the ground around my plants and shrubs. I know it's an annual but my question is - what would be the down side of this procedure. I too am a master gardener in Suffolk county New York and couldn't find any information about this type of gardening. It's like planting sweet woodruff in the shade to cover the ground but the difference is prostrate spurge is a weed and I know it will grow without a lot of fuss. What do you think?


Suffolk County New York about 4 years ago

Lawn And Shrub Care With Honey Bees

I will become a beekeeper this spring 2018. What can I use to feed my shrubs and lawn that will not impact my bees?

Thank you for your insight.


Suffolk County New York over 2 years ago

Plant that looks like corn

These plants popped up a few weeks ago, what is it?



Suffolk County New York about 1 month ago

Laurel HELP

Is there anything I can do to help make my Laurels healthy again? I've seen in similar posts comments that pesticide is too tedious a process for the average person but if it's a choice between using something effective and losing the plant I really would like to spray something, do something. Can you help?


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Suffolk County New York over 2 years ago

Escapee or Wayward Migrator?

Observed this bird on Long Island, NY in January 2020 just a few days ago! Used Merlin ID without success. What is it?



Suffolk County New York 8 months ago

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