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English Walnut

We have one in front yard, has alot of dead branches on top and one large one in middle of trunk. Does the tree need to be taken down or can we prune it? And when can you safely prune the limb in middle of trunk? Also it has not produced walnuts in several years.



Steuben County NY almost 3 years ago

What kind of spider is this

I have a ton of these spiders outside my house. I live in NY. And really want to know



Steuben County NY over 1 year ago

Weed or Flower?

This is a plant growing withing my wave petunia. I was told that it is a type of morning glory. I do not want it to strangle my wave petunia. Is a weed or is it really a type of morning glory.



Steuben County NY almost 4 years ago

Identifying a small umbrella shaped tree.

I'm searching the web trying to see if someone can identify this tree from a picture. It's not the best picture and I can't see the leaves or tree bark up close. Thank you for any help I can get. The picture is not from where I live so I don't know what state it is in.



Steuben County NY almost 3 years ago

Apple trees

Hi, I have a couple of apple trees on property I purchased a year ago. I planted some new ones but really don't want to cut these down. They did have some fruit which the deer ate. they need trimming and I would like to find out if they are heirloom. Would a picture help. They are two different types and no one knows how long they have been in this area. Thanks, Apple Tree Lover


Steuben County NY 8 months ago

What got my chicken?

I found a hen dead against the electric fence at 815 this morning. They were let out of the coop about 5:45. The only injury I can find is on her spine which was not against a fence. There is evidence of serious digging outside the fence.
Any idea what predator I'm dealing with here?
Thank you.
I have more pictures of the digging.


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Steuben County NY about 2 years ago

Small white flower

Identify flowering plant that sprouted up in my herb box


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Steuben County NY almost 5 years ago

Seeking Black Mitcham Mint

Hello, My name is Kathie Osburn from Campbell, NY. Last Summer, I saw that NICHOLS GARDEN NURSERY had listed Black Mitcham in their online catalog but it was sold out. This Spring they don't offer it. I wonder if, by chance, you know ANYONE out that way that sells it online. I would be tickled if you could even put me in touch with a gardener who would dig up a plantlet or two to ship to me for a fee. I really want a plant for my garden --- the old-fashioned, true Mitcham mint. I did find a source for Todd's Mitcham --- but really wanted the true Mitcham. I thank you for your time.


Steuben County NY about 4 years ago

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