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pear disease

please id this pear disease, and methods of control that meet organic standards


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Schuyler County New York fruit trees about 5 years ago

Fruit/veggie identification

Can you please tell me what this is and how to prepare it? I was told its a lemon cucumber. The inside looks like cucumber flesh and seeds. Definitely smells like cucumber. Just wanting to make sure! Any ideas for prep would be appreciated! Thank you!


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Schuyler County New York fruits and vegetables about 4 years ago

Should I be rototilling?

I have a 40 foot by 40 foot vegetable garden with raised beds. Every year in the spring I put a layer of manure and compost on top and till it into the soil before planting. In the fall I do the same for my garlic planting and in the summer after harvesting the garlic beds I do it in those beds before planting other crops. I usually have earthworms but this year I have especially many of them, particularly in beds that I had covered with hay mulch. Now I am wondering if rototilling is causing more harm than good, killing the earthworms. Looking at various sites I see that some say one should never till, others say not too often or deeply. I have a small tiller (Mantis) and do not till more frequently than mentioned above. Should I continue doing this or stop or reduce? If I stop, how do I mix the manure and compost into the soil, or does that even need to be done? I have been doing this more or less continuously since 1985, and think that my soil is very good. But I don't like to kill worms if there is any workable alternative.


Schuyler County New York soil vermiculture worms earthworms rototilling 27 days ago

Dead Indian pipes or fungus?

Are these dead Indian pipes or some type of fungus?


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Schuyler County New York plant identification plant id almost 4 years ago

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