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Is this horseweed?

I'm finding this weed growing all around my home but I'm not sure exactly what it is.


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St. Lawrence County New York about 1 year ago

Pee Gee Hydrangea

The tree started growing this spring a little slower normal now the leaves are severely wilted and dying now. They will soon fall off .Scratched bark seems to be green underneath for now. Any suggestions on why? Thank You.


St. Lawrence County New York about 2 years ago

What is this growing?

Found this while walking. Never seen anything like it before, any idea?


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St. Lawrence County New York 3 months ago

Is this normal for a spider?

Hello, I have a few queries about a mama spider in my bathroom . I have been searching the interwebs to find what kind of spider I have. A mama spider laid her eggs all over her web instead of making a sac. It looked like pepper strewn all over the web but if you look close it was tiny eggs with black dots.
Today they hatched, about 30 little spiders all over the web with a very protective mama right beside them.

My questions are 1. what kind of spider is this? I haven't found any spiders who do this with their eggs. and question 2. How can I safely move them? is there a gestation period where they are to tiny/fragile to move(should be with mom, or developing their legs)
They are in my shower right where the shower head is.I don't want to drown them by accident from the water as the web doesn't look as thick or condensed as normal webs do.
I lightly blew on the web to see if they had hatched and they all kind of dispersed in different directions and mama went crazy trying to pull them back(I think). I need to move them from that area so I can wash my hair! perhapsif i can move them to the other side of the room not in the shower area... but I don't know how to safely move 30 babies and mama I included a few pictures, sorry my camera isn't the greatest. there is mama with the babies and also a picture of the dad(I seen them mate a few weeks ago)


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St. Lawrence County New York over 3 years ago

Unknown plant

Is a single stalk plant with groups of small oval buds fruit?


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St. Lawrence County New York about 4 years ago

Plant ID

Can you identify this bush?



St. Lawrence County New York about 3 years ago

Yellowing bean leaves

Can you help me determine why my pole beans are yellowing? We apply chicken manure (mixed with wood chip bedding) that has composted since the previous year, and not much else. Thank you!



St. Lawrence County New York 3 months ago

injured baby pig

Our baby pig was injured by its mom accidentally. We took to vety who put in stitches but no one knew if the pig could safely be returned to its mom and littermates. We do not want the baby to be harmed further.


St. Lawrence County New York over 7 years ago

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