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Painting and signature

Can you identify this painter/painting?


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Rensselaer County New York over 1 year ago

Proper planting of a River Birch

I recently planted a River Birch in upstate NY, a passerby commented that the tree was planted too low. I have the top of root ball level with the surrounding grade. Should it be raised to have a small portion of the root ball above grade? Thank you for your advice.


Rensselaer County New York about 2 years ago

Flies on my parsley and hosta flowers they appear dead or resting green and blue



Rensselaer County New York about 1 year ago

stringy bark tree

In nys. This is not a cedar, but has very stringy bark????


Rensselaer County New York over 5 years ago

Robbing delima

Hi, I have two hives (two deeps and 1 super each) one weak and one somewhat stronger. Many bees up in the supers, but neither super is drawn out. There is a dearth at the moment around our area for nectar (mid NY State). A quick inspection of the 2nd deep showed ripped open capped honey. I figured robbing was going on. There have been lots of bees back and forth in front of the weak hive, but very few battles going on. I put a robber screen up - tons of bees trying to get out and the small opening is plastered with bees coming and going. Some fly straight in while most fly back and forth then land on the landing board and crawl over and get in the opening. It is hot and humid now. Should I close down the hive for a few days or take out all the frames shake off all the bees into the then empty hive, restock with new frames (unfortunately not drawn) and feed, store the removed frames with what capped honey and nectar/pollen there is (there is no capped brood or eggs either)? I have just re queened (mated) a couple of weeks ago,but still no eggs. Another thought I had was just to let nature decide OR combine the two hives? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have. Charlie Kavanaugh


Rensselaer County New York about 5 years ago

Clear gelatinous substance on lawn

This mysteriously appeared on my lawn yesterday. It is clear and looks like jello. In the pic it looks brown but that is mud and grass underneath.


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Rensselaer County New York 9 months ago

Apple tree problem

Afternoon folks. Hoping you might be able to help us out. We have two apple trees, about 10 years old. Each pruned during the late winter. Two years ago, we received a bumper crop of apples. However, last May, both trees began shedding their leaves and young fruit very quickly. We live in upstate NY, and had a very early thaw, bloom, and then freeze in early May, so we chalked up the shedding to weather. Both trees stopped dropping in June/July, and appeared on the mend. As I write to you now, both trees are at it again. Leaves are yellow spotted, browning and dropping as I sit underneath. Water supply is no different than any other year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have included a few pics as well. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone


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Rensselaer County New York over 3 years ago

Peruvian lilies--not enough space for a window and are getting very straggly. Can I cut them?

I looked at other responses but don't have the right temp to cut off the foliage and keep them dormant. It's gotten so straggly and the pot's too big for my window. They are growing across the back of my club chair and looking unhappy. Can I cut them back or will that kill them?


Rensselaer County New York 11 months ago

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