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Is bladderwort good for composting?

We have bladderwort floating on a nearby lake in the Hudson Valley. It seems like this would be good compost. True? Any advice on handling it, drying it, quantities or anything else? Thanks.


Putnam County New York over 3 years ago

Avocado tree leafs turning brown

Hello, I grew my avocado from a seed. It is about a 1 year old but now it’s leaf’s are turning brown and curling. I’ve tried to change the soil to “moisture control potting mix” but it does not seem to have made any difference. I also water it about once a week. Can you tell me what I can do to help it?


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Putnam County New York 7 months ago

non blooming peony

some of my peonies have buds that turn black while they are tiny, others form buds but do not open and still others bloom profusely. Can you advise me as to the problem.

thank you,



Putnam County New York over 3 years ago


I’m so confused about pruning them.....I have little lime, strawberry ....endless summer....oak leaf ?... I need info on them. when is early spring....can I still prune my lime now! Is this still early spring! Please help!


Putnam County New York over 1 year ago

Smoke Bush section has no leaves or flowers

I cut some branches of the section of the smoke bush that has no flowers or leaves see attached pictures. Should I trim these branches or wait till next year? I cut a couple of branches, they don’t seem to be brittle and look well. Please let me know what I should do with the remaining branches, pls advise.


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Putnam County New York 3 months ago

Health of willow tree

A few days ago, a massive limb (50-60 feet long, 12-15" thick) creaked and fell from the trunk of a willow tree. Fortunately, it missed the house. The willow leaves and tree otherwise looked healthy, but I am now wondering about the condition of the tree (especially given its proximity to the house). Because it is a soft wood, I cannot determne its condition. Is there a way to determine the health of the tree in order to decide whether to leave the tree up or take it down, or must I tempt fate ?


Putnam County New York about 2 years ago

All Black spider!! What is it?

I found an all black spider in my toilet trying to get out. Can't figure out what he is and super scared . Flushed him. Please let me know .he had fuzzy feelers by his mouth that extended a little, not flush to the mouth. Please help



Putnam County New York almost 4 years ago

Tree Identification

I would like to identify this tree on our property. I love it but have heard that it may have shallow roots and it is close to the house. It has hanging extensions off each branch.


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Putnam County New York 6 months ago

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