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Potassium Needs

Why can't the body recycle the potassium it has instead of needing a fresh supply all the time? How does it know "fresh" potassium from a recent meal from potassium it's pushing out?

My guess is that cells need to be 100% "full" on potassium or very near full, and much of the potassium that "passes by" cells is not needed by cells because cells are kept so full of potassium - much of the incomming potassium is never used by cells. That's just a guess.


Oswego County New York 8 months ago

Red Raspberry decease

Red Raspberries Plant gets leafs and berries started then turns brown and dies??


Oswego County New York 3 months ago

Shrub help

trying to determine what type of shrub this is.



Oswego County New York about 5 years ago

Help! Arachnophobic !

Please tell me this is an orb spider, and that it is no threat to the Babies. And do they usually work together? Is one male and one female? Thanks for all your info! It is a great help!


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Oswego County New York about 5 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

This has been growing out from under our chase for a few years now. I cut it down last year and is twice the size with limited water and partial sun.
It doesn't have a tree trunk, but a very thick main stem that is reddish.


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Oswego County New York about 4 years ago


I will receive my rootstock in end of march put them in cold storage and then in may will plant them in the nursery.
The rootstock supplier suggest that we can do the grafting at the second part of august, can I collect the sions that summer


Oswego County New York over 1 year ago

Leggy snowball bush

My snowball bush has become very leggy with long droopy stems. It is full of flowers right now but how do I trim it to make it neater and the stems stronger?


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Oswego County New York over 2 years ago

Snake under siding

A milk snake slithered up our foundation wall and went under the siding. How can I get it out?



Oswego County New York over 1 year ago

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