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Robins nest

Since we have lived in our house (3 years) there is always a robins nest that is built in our wisteria tree. This year the nest was built on top of the trellis protected by the tree. Every morning and night I would notice that the momma Robin was laying peacefully in the nest. There were 3 eggs to start, the past few days I have noticed that I haven't seen the Momma, and when I peaked there is only one egg left. What would have happened to the eggs? And what do I do with the remaining egg?



Ontario County NY birds attracting wildlife robins about 2 years ago

cotton wood

How long does the season last,meaning how long do we have to put up with this white stuff.


Ontario County NY trees and shrubs cottonwood horticulture almost 4 years ago

Service Berry fungus or parasite

We have a service berry tree that has lost 50% if it’s leaves and has a reddish growth coming out the side that seems to be producing some sort of sap or discharge. 1. Will the tree survive? Do I need to apply a fungicide or pest control like seven?


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Ontario County NY 9 months ago

Assistance requested to identfy damage or disease on grapes.

These symptoms started on some grapes near the end of last week and the condition is spreading fast. There was a Pylon application four weeks ago to manage spider mites and nothing since, so I don't think it's related to the spray. Plus, other types of plant material were treated with Pylon the same night with no subsequent damage.

The condition is only in the middle of the plants. So far the upper juvenile leaves and lowest leaves are not affected. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you,


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Ontario County NY 3 months ago

Hello, I found your information during my search for growing hops. I have...

Hello, I found your information during my search for growing hops. I have been a hops grower for about 3 years and am taking it more serious this year as I want to produce a better product. I have come to understand soil fertilizer requirement and I think I have that part under control. My main focus this year will be on nutrients requirements of the hop plants during their growing cycle and at this point I have not been able to find any good info. Can you tell me of any research or documents that your aware of that goes into the nutrients requirements of the plant per variety during the growing cycle of a year. I’m located in NY and hops are starting to pick up here and I would like to have as much knowledge as possible. I would appreciate any information you have. Thanks, Steve Schmidt Schmidthops.com 585-869-9641


Ontario County NY about 5 years ago

Wounded deer was finally harvested. Is it safe to eat it after two weeks?

My wife shot a nice buck, but the arrow was poorly shot. The deer managed to stay on the hoof for two weeks, and was taken by another hunter. Sadly, the animal was suffering and was not in good shape when it was finally harvested. We assume that the meat will be unfit, but wanted to ask.


Ontario County NY food safety over 4 years ago

about mushrooms

how to grow???


Ontario County NY about 5 years ago

Why are the leaves falling off my healthy looking maple tree?

Lots of green leaves have been falling off my healthy looking maple tree for about 3 - 4 weeks now. I believe it is a sugar maple. There are no marks on the leaves themselves, and the tree, and bark appear healthy. The tips of the leaf stems look dark. After doing some online research, I thought maybe it was maple petiole borer. However, the stems on these leaves are not cut off short, so now I'm not so sure. I have included photos. Please let me know what you think the reason could be.


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Ontario County NY trees and shrubs horticulture almost 3 years ago

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