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Onondaga County New York almost 5 years ago

Australian Black Swans (Cygnus atratus) and Mute Swans

Are Australian Black Swans (Cygnus atratus) permitted to be purchased/kept/sold by New York State residents? Are there any limitations/regulations to the purchase/maintenance/sale of other Swan species such as: White Mute Swans (Cygnus olor); Bewick's Swans; Trumpeter Swans; or Whooper Swans (Cygnus cygnus)?


Onondaga County New York over 7 years ago

Broad leaves weeds

Took a photo but will not send. can not get rid of these +broad leaf +weeds in central NY. Only way is digging. Too many. Used Scott Dandelion and Weed killer but does not work even different strengths.Is there another brand that will work Sorry Safari will not take my photo.



Onondaga County New York 4 months ago

what is this tubular grass growing in my backyard?

This started coming up early spring here in Upstate NY, around March. It is not Chives, I grow Chives in the garden. Does not smelly like garlic or onion. Smells faintly of corn/ corn silk. Grow in full sun and partial shade equally well. I do not recall it flowering at all last year. I would also like to know if is edible. Thank you for your consideration.


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Onondaga County New York over 4 years ago

I've had a Schefflera Arboricola from a cutting for 26 years, and for the...

I've had a Schefflera Arboricola from a cutting for 26 years, and for the last 7 years a Spider plant has intertwined baby spiders and their babies among Scheff's branches. The only place Scheff can be is in my living room in front of a 96x48 window set. The plant grew substantially this year, and 3 branch terminal bunches are pressing against the venetian blinds. The temperature in the 2BR apt is 71 to 74°, but at the windows, goes down to around 57. One of the leaves has turned yellow, and leaflets have begun falling, and other leaflets are angled in (like if you held your hand out flat then bent your fingers down) probably reacting to the cold. I had to separate the Spider plants from Scheff today and put it on a large mirror on top of a cocktail table in front of my couch, to get ready tomorrow to move Scheff away from the window and wall which is supporting the plant. It's likely to fall and I didn't want to make the situation worse by having Spidie involved. This will give me room to buy clear plastic window film and tape/shrink it on to minimize the cold. Well, that's the back story. Two questions: 1) by moving Spidie away, I think I have destroyed a microclimate. Poor Scheff with its legginess looks naked. After I hang the film, would it be better for both of them if I moved Spidie back? 2) I need to address Scheff's growth; air layering a plant, I've had for 26 years, myself, is too much of a gamble. I can't find anyone locally who has this expertise, and I can't find any reference about Schefflera cuttings. Are you aware of an alternative? Thank you for the help you give flora through us that ask. Ed Meissner


Onondaga County New York almost 6 years ago

Princeton Gold Maple isn’t gold

Hi. Purchased 3yrs ago from a local tree farm. Gold when planted. Last 2 springs it starts gold, but then quickly turns dark green. Why? Soil? Also, each fall it develops leaf spots/rot. Thanks for any help you can provide.



Onondaga County New York almost 2 years ago

I have a 3 1/2 foot Black Walnut & I Planted it 30 Feet from My Parents...

I have a 3 1/2 foot Black Walnut & I Planted it 30 Feet from My Parents Grape Vin & I believe it's to close to it & I need to Re-Transplant the Tree Since Black Walnuts Kill most trees next to it & I was wondering if I Re Transplant the Tree if it would kill it or not or are Black Walnuts really good at serving after a Transplant? & how big should I dig around the drunk some people say double the size around? Also I heard the most size around the tree I should do it is 80 feet around the tree? I plan on replanting it somewhere else no matter what. But how should I go about doing it? I have another spot I plan on planting it. My last Question when would be the best time to transplant it? I want to do it before Summer Starts that way I know it will service this summer. Thanks again.


Onondaga County New York over 6 years ago

Bee, Bumblebee or Wasp?

This insect (picture attached) has been living in the apartment building siding where I live for years. The swarm seems to be getting bigger. Last week, I got bit/stung in the rear. How dangerous are they? I have been going around the nest since getting stung. I walk up the driveway to the trash dumpster instead of walking up the path past them. Will the swarm continue to grow. Is there a way to keep them from being interested in me?


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Onondaga County New York over 6 years ago

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