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can different snails get along?

I found a couple black small snails and I believe they are glass snails. Can they get along with garden snails? I just found one striped big one and want to house them all together. Will this work or will they eat each other?


Niagara County New York 5 months ago

Stragne insect behavior this year

I've been seeing behavior similar to this, only MORE, all spring-summer this year, 2017 only. NEVER seen anything like it in 46 years. This isn't a picture I took, having issues with linux compatibility of the pics I took. But I'm curious what would cause over a square foot to be COMPLETELY covered by layers of ants. I walk to the store every day, and witnessed it at half a dozen spots along that short walk, almost daily. Some were smaller. softball sized groups, but thicker than the included photo. no green visible at all. But usually the swarm was at least soccer ball sized. I never saw any flying ants anywhere in the area. In fact, there haven't even been flies on the dog poop people nicely leave to fertalize the grass. NOR have there been ANY fruit flies in my area this year. (Buffalo, ish) AND, a heighbor had bed bugs that seemed to just dissapear. as in no feeding activity, but searches always resulted in a couple adults in the vicinity. I would note that the trees in my back yard looked pretty sparcely leaved, even with extra watering, this summer (felt it might be relevant). I've always been more observant than most. I'm just curious what would cause such strange behavior across so many species of insect.



Niagara County New York almost 3 years ago

Tree identity

I am wondering what this is. I found it growing in my back yard.



Niagara County New York over 4 years ago

I live 14 feet from a pond and would like to trim back the canopy of the...

I live 14 feet from a pond and would like to trim back the canopy of the trees that surround it. However, my neighbor says if I trim the canopy the roots will also die back. Since we need the roots to avoid an erosion problem I'm hopeful you will answer this question for me. Thank you. Viola G.


Niagara County New York over 6 years ago

rooting a grape vine cutting

Hello, I obtained some grape vine cuttings so I can try to root them to grow. The problem is that I don't know which end was the base of the clipping. Both ends were cut squarely. What I do notice is that the buds seem to be slightly tilting toward one direction. Is this an indication that the tip of the bud will tilt toward the tip of the cutting?


Niagara County New York over 2 years ago

wisteria in twisted tree form

will landscape paper topped with stone pebbles keep wisteria shoots from popping up around tree and other ornamentals?


Niagara County New York 3 months ago

According to my research, the brown inside my yellow bell pepper is due to...

According to my research, the brown inside my yellow bell pepper is due to frost or chilling injury, are they safe to eat?


Niagara County New York almost 7 years ago

Will my maple tree come back?

I have a 33 year old green maple tree professionally planted in the left rear corner of my property. With the heavy rains we've been recently having, the ground around the tree has been on and off under 2 inches of water for approximately three weeks. The water has now receded this week but there are no leaves on the tree as of yet this Spring. We've been waiting for it to bud and produce leaves like the other maple trees in the backyard to no avail. Can anyone help me as far as knowing whether or not to expect that the tree could come back this year or could it be that it was shocked to death?


Niagara County New York over 3 years ago

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