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Two out of three blueberry bushes have diseases?

Hi two out of three blueberry bushes after I planted them to the ground for two weeks turned red and now started to have spots and brown on them. I will post pictures for each plant separately as both look diff. This is a North blue blueberry bush. When I first got it, the leaves were not flat but green, it started turning red and now some brown and some leaves fall off when I put my fingers through. And there are some spots on the leaves. I can't identify what they are, does my plant have a disease and can it be fixed? I used to water it every day but I backed off as I read red leaves could mean over watering is currently on a raise bed and I put some coffee ground (both unused and used) in the soil to lower the ph. One of my three blueberry bushes (all diff variety) is doing well and stays green (and some red) and is growing. The other has some spots issue which I will ask and post in another post. What is wrong? Thanks.

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Nassau County New York over 3 years ago

My cucumbers are producing two types of fruit on the same plant.

We bought Marketmore cuc plants and they are producing Lemon Cucumbers and regular green cucs on the same plant. We contacted the owner of the nursery where we bought them and he confirmed that many of his customers are reporting the same thing. He also mentioned that he has never seen this before. Thoughts?

Ok, I called back my guy and told him I thought he was wrong and it is impossible for what he described to occur. More than likely, each of the cellpacks had three seeds and the grower mixed them up with two different kinds. Thanks.

Nassau County New York about 1 year ago

Dark brown marks on tomatoes

On 3 of 6 beefsteak plants the tomatoes have dark brown streaks on the skin. See photo. What is the cause? Is there any remedy? Are the tomatoes edible?


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Nassau County New York about 1 month ago

How to get rid of wood grubs

I have wood from a tree I cut down in my yard that I plan to make benches. I planked the wood and found it has wood grubs. There are holes in the plank and I have seen a few grubs come out. Is there a product I can use to kill the grubs before I treat the wood.


Nassau County New York almost 2 years ago

trimmed by neighbor

my neighbor trimmed my 32 year old White Pine on two sides all the way up that was hanging over her fence- effectively leaving 3-4' bare limbs on two sides. I'm just devastated! Is this going to kill my tree I planted from a seedling?


Nassau County New York over 1 year ago

Coral Bark Maple Leaves Turning Gold in July

I planted my Coral Bark Maple in a well drained, full sun location about five years ago.

It has thrived and each year the leaves turned from green to a beautiful gold in mid-Autumn.

This year the leaves on two rather major branches spontaneously shriveled. I suspect it might have been caused by the fusarium fungus. I quickly removed the two branches and, so far, this has not reoccurred

Then, in mid-July, many of the south-facing leaves began to turn gold. The tree has remained this way until now - early September. Can you explain this? Is it related to the fungus?

Last year I planted a ground cover around the base of this tree to prevent landscaper damage. Might this have contributed to the problem?

Thank you!



Nassau County New York about 1 year ago

Cherry Laurel few brown leaves/stems

I planted 3 cherry laurels in spring 2016. They were looking great until about a week ago when I noticed that 2 of the shrubs have a bunch of brown leaves and the stems look dead. These exist alongside healthy green leaves & stems. The 3rd shrub is unaffected (they are planted in a row, so share the same soil). I don't see any scale on the stems, nor any insect on the underside of the leaves. A few of the green leaves have brown splotches on them - more in the middle than on the tips. What's going on and what can I do to save them?



Nassau County New York about 3 years ago

Sold at costco

My cousin got bunches of these for Christmas decoration at Costco . Never saw them. Stem looks like rosemary and top part is more part of the green than a flower . Intense color green with top deep orange/ red



Nassau County New York over 4 years ago

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