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I found this plant popping up in many areas near my yard...not sure if it is a weed.
I actually like the looks of it and was thinking of re-planting it in anew outdoor planter.



Monroe County New York over 4 years ago

Identify this

What kind of tree is this?


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Monroe County New York about 4 years ago

Fast growing ground cover from seeds


I am selling my house and need to grow something in the small back yard rapidly. All the grass and ground-cover was dead when I bought the house due to mega leaves not being raked, and I never got that far with the restoration work (house was a fixer-upper). Wish-list for ideal solution:

-Grow from seeds
-Shade tolerant
-Not too tall
-Fast germinating and spreading
-Not invasive
-Zone 6 (?) Rochester, NY

Is there any such thing? I've read about mini-clover, but that appears to be marginally shade tolerant. I'm open to more than one thing in different areas of the yard.

Thanks so much,


Monroe County New York over 2 years ago

Robotics Team Middle School Lunchroom Waste Initiative

Hi! My name is Liza and I am part of a Middle School Robotics team based in Rochester, NY participating in the Trash Trek challenge from First Lego League. Our project is based on separating our trash at lunchtime into 4 categories: compost (done on our campus), recyclable, food scraps (for producing biofuel) and landfill. We hope to inspire our classmates to take a real interest in reducing the amount of landfill produced by turning this into a game in which the table with the least landfill gets a prize at the end of each month. Wegmans has sponsored us by providing our weighing scale (like the ones used at check-out) and technology assistance by which we have configured a unique bar code for each type of waste at each lunch table to streamline data collection. They have also generously sponsored some of our monthly prizes. We believe that once this behavior becomes part of our lunchtime routine, we will do it without any reward needed, but just because it's important to protect our environment. We plan to share our idea with other local schools and spread the word from there! Can you give us advice or make any recommendations? Can you follow us on Twitter @ACACESFLL?



Monroe County New York almost 5 years ago

What is this white snow on my soil

Hello I got this white snowy powder on the soil in my vegetable plants. It doesn’t seem to be hurting my plants but I’m concern for it. What is it? I scraped it off and added hydrogen peroxide to soil and cinnamon as recommended. Today I got again some more so I removed again. I have not watered the plant because it’s been raining. I use cow manure for top soil.



Monroe County New York 3 months ago

Tall Fescue or KBG

Is this a KBG or Tall fescue type of grass?


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Monroe County New York 10 months ago

Tri-colored Beech Tree

The photo included is from my new-this-spring tri-colored beech tree. I have been babying and watering it all though our summer drought. I spray it with a mixture of water and dawn soap, which helps all my other buggy plants. Now the leaves are curling and turning brown at the edges. Can anybody tell me how to save this, hopefully, gorgeous once again tree? Thanks so much for any suggestion or solutions.



Monroe County New York about 2 years ago

What is this

What is this and when does it bloom. It was transplanted from a friend who said it bloomed in july or august. This is the 5th year if nothing


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Monroe County New York about 4 years ago

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